Month: November 2020

Impressive wordplay and witty lyrics in “Stereotypical Angry Black Guy” by Spaceman

Spaceman is an emcee, songwriter and producer who considers music as a vehicle through which he is able to express himself in an artistic manner. Music has the capacity to share feelings, emotions, ideas, like no other channel.

Exploring and cultivating rhythms, textures and phrases through music allows Spaceman to reveal aspects of himself, that he could normally not communicate.

His recent EP release “Fascist Utopia”, is a biting rap project that has been described as political fueled. However, for Spaceman, his music is purely a reflection of the society he lives in.

The third song from his EP, titled “Stereotypical Angry Black Guy” is an amusing and literary witty narration considering the deficiency we have as a human race in our unhealthy relationship to financial gain. Greed, lust and exploitation.

An old school 90s’ style hip-hop beat introduces the song joined by a mellow subwoofer pulsing in the background, which creates a playful, bouncy soundscape.

Spaceman raps with an incredible flow, a continuous stream of witty rhythmical phrasing, unfolding a vivid story in your mind’s eye.

He incorporates the use of alliteration which heightens the senses like a sharp drum beat.

Spaceman is an impressive literary craftsman whose powerful lyrics join seamlessly together, exciting and intriguing the listener with witty narration.

His presented fearless attitude reflects exactly the message he delivers in the chorus; “we don’t give a fuck, oh!”.

An exceptional storyteller, Spaceman hypnotises listeners with his charismatic tones and breathtaking performance.

Music is the one thing that Spaceman believes in, he has quoted; “When you live in a world like ours, that seems to take pleasure in undermining whatever you expect from it, the prospect of building your own cultural atmosphere becomes pretty compelling”.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Danny Brown and Run the Jewels, then Spaceman will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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A moving and provoking tale from Taylor Curtis “SOS”

Taylor Curtis

Taylor Curtis is a musician, songsmith and performer from Vancouver, who became hooked on music early on in his teenage years when he began to play the guitar and write his own songs.

Towards the end of his high school year, Taylor’s left lung spontaneously collapsed and he required emergency surgery. As part of his rehab programme to regain strength in his lungs, he began vocal lessons, which helped improve his lung capacity greatly.

The lessons also hugely benefitted Taylor’s vocal ability, greatly improving his singing ability.

During college Taylor spent some time playing in different bands, however his true passion lay in storytelling and songwriting, which drove him to venture out as a solo artist and write his own music.

Last year he released two noteworthy singles, “The Good Word” and “Glass House”.  His first EP titled “Neurotica” is due for release this December and he has just released a single from this upcoming EP, titled “SOS”.

“SOS” engages the listener immediately with a captivating upbeat guitar riff which stays with you for hours after.

Taylor’s raspy and charismatic vocals express deep intensity and emotion. His voice is hauntingly beautiful with an alluring and pleasing tone. The kind of voice you want to go back to and listen to over and over again.

The drum propels the song forward at a steady rhythmic pace, while Taylor’s impressive guitar hooks mesmerise the listener, leaving us wanting more.

The instrumental intensity rises, until Taylor shouts into the microphone with intense fervor; “What good is life if we’re just running away, what good is time if I’m wasting mine”

The lyrics and music are moving and provocative, drawing the listener into a hypnotic vortex.

Taylor’s talent for storytelling became refined in college while studying for his major in English. He applies this gift artistically to craft powerful lyrics, which create a vibrant image in the mind’s eye.

His raw and honest lyrics connect on a deep level with the listener as he opens up and shares intimate experiences and thoughts.

The inspiration for “SOS” came to him during the year of 2016, whilst he was struggling with feelings of fear and frustration over missed opportunities in every aspect of his life.

Despite the song having an intense and anguished expression to it, there is also a hopeful energy, and you feel the light of a brighter future shining through.

Taylor told us; “I think that’s the most important message baked into the song: as dark as things may get sometimes, there’s always space for the light to find a way”.

His music reflects elements of early 2000s’ rock, with impressive guitar hooks reminiscent of Radiohead and dashes of the Arctic Monkeys’ ingenuity.

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If you enjoy music from artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead, then Taylor Curtis will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Pick You Up” by Frank Vanegas

Frank Vanegas

Frank Vanegas is a Colombian American hip-hop artist who was born and raised in Queens, New York. He developed a passion for hip-hop at an early age and takes his inspiration from real life experiences.

After a prison sentence of 30 months for drug distribution his mindset has improved and he is aiming for a brighter future. HIs music is a blend of trap and traditional hip-hop.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and J Balvin then Frank Vanegas will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Expert storyteller Tye Cooper unveils “Aubrey’s Favorite Song”

Tye Cooper is an artist who has risen above the masses by refining and honing his craft to a meticulous level. Raptivist, songwriter, entertainer and actor, his talent is multiple and elite.

His recent album release “The Tye Cooper Show” showcases his impressive songwriting and performance skills, and features one song that is particularly touching and noteworthy.

“Aubrey’s Favorite Song” is the story of Tye’s little boy, who’s middle name is Aubrey, first name Javian. He was born prematurely with a rare type of epilepsy, which, understandably caused much heartache and concern.

Tye, an adoring father and carer discovered the unspeakable truth. He had been deceived all along, he was not the child’s biological father.

In this song, Tye convey’s the emotional distress which has befallen him, and the unwavering commitment he has to his family.

We are immediately swept into an affectionate and sensitive soundscape with a sweet and soothing musical and vocal introduction, which creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

Tye has a gift for storytelling, he is an expert wordsmith who delivers his words with a charismatic and attractive tone, conveying affection and passion.

The emotions imparted to the listener through his performance are a clear representation of his journey into parenthood, and the connection that forms with your child, whether the biologically parent or not. That bond can never be severed.

Tye artistically expresses vulnerable emotions through his lyrical delivery, and the chorus imparts a poignant image; “You been going through the up’s and down’s, ain’t no way I’m backing down, they see the changes now they want you back around”.

Tye effortlessly flows between rapid rapping and hypnotic singing, showcasing his diverse ability, all with crystal clear pronunciation.

An upbeat, bouncy soundscape is created through syncopated sounding chimes, synth claps and clicks. This head-bobbing groovy rhythm stays with you for hours after, begging you to return for more.

Tye Cooper has shared the stage with many iconic acts such as Slick Rick, Rakim, KRS ONE, Busta Rhymes, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, to name just a few. He was also sponsored by Doritos and performed with multiple artists from West to East Coast.

He has faced and overcome many obstacles throughout his career, and his achievements are utterly worthy of his talent and devotion to his art.

If you enjoy artists such as Drake and Juice WRLD, then Tye Cooper will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Tye Cooper

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Shout-Out for “Two Tribes” by Head.

Two dance music titans, Horse Meat Disco’s Jim Stanton and bonafide dance music rock star, Amy Douglas forged the creation of Head with other emerging rebels of the underground dance music scene. On vocals in addition to Amy is Moon Boots and Michael The Lion vocalist Steven Klavier, Cat P for spoken words. Production includes Ladyballs co-founder and Birds of Pandaemonium member, Tim Wagner, and Mexico City’s rising star, Paurro, creative director of Airelibre FM, Remixer and DJ extraordinaire.

This band of misfits is a content making band of brothers and sisters, devoted to gaining access to the best parts of your mind body and soul through music.

If you enjoy artists such as Roisin Murphy and Horse Meat Disco, then Head will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Xxxtinction” by Wettworker

“Xxxtinction” by Wettworker is a hate-fueled ballad inspired by what seemed like the peak of misogyny in rap music. Particular celebrity rappers who had committed disgusting offences against women were excused purely because fans enjoy their music. This is Wettworkers response to this injustice.

If you enjoy music from artists such as JPEGMAFIA and Lil Ugly Mane then Wettworker will fir perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Give It All” by Jonathan Wyndham

Jonathan Wyndham is a passionate singer, songwriter and guitarist whose style cannot be boxed into one genre. He displays impressive versatility, drawing on many different influences and styles. His powerful performance incorporates emotive lyrics, soaring vocals, and epic guitar riffs.

If you enjoy music from artists such as the Muse and Jeff Beck then Jonathan Wyndham will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Vacation” by Krish Dior

Krish Dior has wanted to be a music artist his whole life and he lives by the moto “Rockstar Lifestyle”. His musical developement has been influenced by icons such as Michael Jackson, Kanye West and Drake.

He enjoys making catchy music which inspires people to dance. If you enjoy muisc from artists such as 24goldn and The Weekend, then Krish Diro will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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