Month: April 2021

Janet Jackson is entering the world of NFT

Janet Jackson is entering the world of NFT

For the uninitiated, NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a type of cryptocurrency that allows you to own a distinctive digital thing, whether it’s a piece of art, songs or collectible.

The singer will release exclusive NFTs and augmented experiences in celebration of the 35th anniversary of her 1986 album, Control. The album has since been RIAA-certified five-times Platinum and includes the hit title track, as well as”What Have You Done for Me Lately,’”Let’s Wait Awhile,””Nasty,” and”When I Think of You.”

The NFT launch is in partnership with gaming and augmented reality company RTFKT, pronounced artifact.’ Some of the proceeds from every sale will go to American child sponsorship and Christian humanitarian aid organization, Compassion International.

No word yet about when exactly the NFTs will drop.

violent kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s dogs in Los Angeles

violent kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s dogs in Los Angeles

Five individuals have been detained in relation to the violent kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s dogs earlier this year, the Los Angeles Police Department declared on Thursday.

The arrests were made on Tuesday, nearly two weeks to the day following the singer’s puppy walker was captured by assailants who demanded he hand over her three French bulldogs and finally fled the scene using 2 of them. The dog walker is recovering from significant injuries, and the dogs had been returned to police two days after by a girl who said she’d found them, although police wouldn’t specify where.

“This is a brazen street crime that left a man badly injured,” said Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón, in an independent announcement announcing that the charges. “We’ve alleged really severe charges in this situation and also have faith that justice will be served as this situation unfolds in court”

Tara Thompson latest single ‘Tennessee’s wild’

Tara Thompson latest single ‘Tennessee’s wild’

Thompson didn’t opt for this audio profession. It picked .” “Tennessee’s Wild” — the stirring, psychological rocker that’s her newest single — probably does the best job so far really unpacking this announcement ultimately signifies to her livelihood and its own success.

“I had been raised in East Tennessee, right smack dab where Dolly Parton is out of,” Thompson tells CMT.’ Tennessee’s Wild’ is the first video in which I am not telling a story, I am also playing the role.” Upon seeing the last edit of the movie clip, she states she”felt as though I had been watching a film…it had been among the coolest videos I have ever been part of. Fantastic visuals require great struggles, however.

Seeing the wintry conditions on the afternoon of shooting the movie, Thompson writes, “We began shooting the movie at 10 am and went until 9 pm! I won’t ever forget how amazingly cold it was. The temperature was 19 degrees and also riding a horse against the end was quite painful, to say the very least, haha! The barn, where we took all those scenes will be over 100 years old, so we used flashlights to browse through the evening! It had been chilly, ghostly & amazing all at precisely the exact same time!”

Thompson closes with a haunting note regarding the movie’s magnificent conclusion: “I need people to find out just how beautiful my hometown is and above all, that secrets not depart those components.”

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Shout-Out for “Oh No” by Pillowface

Shout-out for “Oh No” by up and coming hip-hop artist Pillowface. He brings his own unique flair to his music which he composes and produces either solely himself or with his close collaboraters.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and The Weekend then Pillowface will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to his track “Oh No” right here…

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Shout-Out for “ICE” by Lil Kelvo

Shout-Out for “ICE” by up and coming rap artist Lil Kelvo. This is a dynamic track showcasing impressive wordplay skills.

If you enjoy music from artists such as G Herbo Future and Drake then Lil Kelvo will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to this track right here…

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Trilltypefella “My Trap Doing Numbers” / Empowering & Relateable

Trilltypefella “My Trap Doing Numbers” / Empowering & Relateable

Meet Trilltypefella:

Trilltypefella is a hip-hop/rap artist and musician based in Memphis, Tennesse. He first started writing rhymes in the summer of 2000 in his hometown, Greenwood, Mississippi.

Discovering he had a talent for the world of rap he began to collaborate with his cousin and perform in local shows.

As well as being a gifted wordsmith and captivating rap artist, Trilltypefella is also a talented musician and plays the keyboard, drums and saxophone.

His main musical influences come from some of the top trap and rap artists of today, such as Yo Gotti and 8Ball & MJG.

His style is extremely versatile and raw with a distinctly laid back southern vibe which sets him perfectly on a top trap playlist.

With an impressive discography, Trilltypefella is making a name for himself within the world of hip-hop. Delivering powerful, reality music where he shares his real-life experiences.

His first EP release titled Trap Loyalty features the track “My Trap Doing Numbers”. A raw and relateable song about his experiences hustling on the streets and trapping to survive.

My Trap Doing Numbers:

This dynamic trap track has a distinct deep soundscape with a steady head-bopping tempo which any trap fan will love.

The powerful marching melody has an empowering effect on the listener, invoking feelings of strength and resilience.

Trilltypefella raps with a strong authoritative energy. He delivers his performance with mighty vocals and poetic storytelling that completely captivate his audience.

His anthemic chorus encourages listeners to rap along with his rhythmic verses. Utilising enticing lyrics such as: “my trap doing numbers, my trap doing numbers. If you don’t believe me you can ask my baby’s mama”.

Listen to this powerful track right here…

What’s next?

Trilltypefella is on a mission to keep creating quality music and expand his career further. While always keeping it real with his fans. Keep an eye out for more upcoming releases soon.

In the meantime, Trilltypefella has a message for all his listeners: “I always put God first and work very hard at what I do. I love each and every one of you for supporting me”.

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London Grammar’s new album ‘Californian soil’

London Grammar’s new album ‘Californian soil’

London Grammar feels as though they have released”an older debut album” after sitting ‘Californian Soil’ for such a long time.

The indie-pop trio — composed of Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, and Dominic’Dot’ Important — fell the follow-up to 2017’s’Authentic Is A Gorgeous Thing’ this month later after what’s turned into a long trip in part because of the pandemicAppearing on BBC Seems”Headlines’ podcast,” Hannah explained: “It was [bothersome ], however, it did feel like a tiny problem to get compared to what, of course, plenty of my friends and loved ones were going through and what everybody else was moving through.”So we had been happy to wait. Nonetheless, it’s been somewhat odd putting it out today — it seems like we are releasing an old introduction album since it’s so outdated!”

The group really began working on the record four decades before, and wrapped up everything in 2020 prior to the audio industry has been rocked by the worldwide health catastrophe. She added: “The first two or three tunes we wrote for this had been straight back in 2017, and after that, it was completed over a year ago.

We have been sitting for a little while, yeah.” Hannah was “somewhat worried” the way she felt about the songs themselves could alter hugely awarded the very long wait for them out to the world. She explained: “I was somewhat worried that the significance of these would eventually become immaterial.”But I really feel as what’s been quite fine for me personally is, having listened to them since they have been published or as the record’s been published… I really feel the significance, it means more today.

oscar winner 2021 of the best original song: h.e.r

oscar winner 2021 of the best original song: h.e.r

Singer-songwriter H.E.R. took home the award for Best Original Song, alongside songwriters Tiara Thomas and Dernst Emile on Sunday.

Her song, “Fight For You” from Judas and the Black Messiah beat out original songs from other films like Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, and the Regina King-directed One Night In Miami.

“Thank you to the Academy—I’ve always wanted to say that! I have to thank God for giving us these gifts,” H.E.R. said in her acceptance speech.

“And my parents, my beautiful mother who’s here with me today and my father at home, all those days of listening to Sly & the Family Stone and Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye really paid off.”

Shout-Out for “Strawberry Drip” by 7j2music

Shout-out for “Strawberry Drip” by hip-hop duo 7j2music. This sexy hip-hop track is a definite crowd pleaser, with anthemic lyrics and a groovy beat.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and The Weekend then 7j2music will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Enjoy this track right here…

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Shout-Out for “I Gave You Everything” by Black Saturday

Shout-out for “I Gave You Everything” by pop/punk, alternative rock band Black Saturday. This up and coming band consists of five members who have a serious passion for playing and creating music. Their sound is energetic, raw and enticing.

If you enjoy music from artists such as New Found Glory and The Breeders, then Black Saturday will fit perfectly on your punk-rock playlist.

Listen to their newest release right here…

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