Month: May 2021

Postal – IsthatAvo / Shining Young Star shows Fantastic Originality

Meet IsthatAvo:

New Jersey-based vocalist and entrepreneur IsthatAvo has just released his newest EP, WORLD8, Vol.2, which showcases this up and coming hip-hop artists impressive talent.

IsthatAvo has been pursuing his dream of a music career for the past seven years. The project originally began with a group of friends, however, over the years life took the group in different directions.

Avo continued on this path to cultivate his artistry. He travelled within the country visiting New York, Arkansas, Illinois and New Jersey. He told us: “Having to go through trial and error too many times, eventually humbled me into the creative gentleman I am today. I’m very proud of myself.”

An artist with an entrepreneurs mindset, this young man carves his way as well as assisting others with the same goal as himself.

The team he surrounds himself with now have been eagerly and consistently working away to produce their recent projects. “Postal” is the third track on this EP and is about their journey to accomplish their dreams.


Avo has created a fascinating soundscape for “Postal”, with layered vocals, deep subwoofers and serious panning effects. The combination delivers an intriguing effect that is a little addictive and you’ll probably see yourself returning for more.

Avo’s captivating vocal performance hypnotises us as his impressive delivery weaves vivid imagery into our mind’s eye.

Powerful lyrics reveal the struggles he has faced, such as: “wheels broke, we didn’t really have food, sharing clothes made me feel like a fool. Well, we just did what we just had to do.”

This mid-tempo hip-hop track showcases exciting originality and we are going to see great things from this artist. If you enjoy music from artists such as Bktherula and Kid Cudi then IsthatAvo will fit perfectly on your hip-hop/rap playlist.

IsthatAvo also produced a visually fascinating music video for his song “Star Fleet” from the WORLD8, Vol. 2 EP. You can watch this music video right here…

IsthatAvo’s message:

The inspiration behind all of IsthatAvo’s music is to truly be yourself. Realise your originality and shine. IsthatAvo has a message for all his listeners out there: “Be unique, raise your vibrations, stay positive, love yourself and stay true to yourself.”

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In your Eyes – Clark Ford / Powerful expression of love

Meet Clark Ford:

Award-winning songwriter Clark Ford charms us with his sentimental and touching love song, “In Your Eyes”.

Ford has been a lifelong listener of music and composes songs in many genres, including pop, country, rock, sacred, Celtic, jazz, and blues.

Both of Ford’s grandmothers taught the piano, and he was raised in a musical family. Following in their footsteps, Ford plays the piano and saxophone for his compositions, as well as crafting powerful lyrics that deeply connect with his listeners.

His 2020 single release “In Your Eyes” is a powerful expression of love. Ford told us: “I wanted to write a romantic love song about the deep connection between two people in love. Something you can see in another’s eyes, something I have personally felt”.

“In Your Eyes” features singer, Michael Lusk and was mastered in Nashville, by Underground Treehouse.

“In Your Eyes”

“In Your Eyes” is a beautiful country love song about falling in love and the journey to walking down the aisle to marry the one you love.

Ford’s lyrics perfectly portray the emotions of being in love. The beauty you see in your partner, the deepness of connection, acceptance, and seeing your future with that special person.

The song features Michael Lusk as the lead vocalist. His charismatic voice will charm any listener as he gently sings: “In your eyes, the universe opened up to me, in your eyes I could see we were meant to be”.

This is a mid-tempo country song with a touching and joyful melody that inspires you to dance with the one you love. If you enjoy music from artists such as Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw, then Clark Ford’s “In Your Eyes” will fit perfectly on your country playlist.

Watch the music video right here…

What’s Next:

Ford is intensely passionate about music and plans to continue composing and writing songs. Keep an eye out for his future releases.

In the meantime, he has a message for all his listeners: “Thank you for taking the time to connect to my songs. Whether fun or serious, fast or slow, country, or pop, or jazz. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of the songs as I do!”.

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Those Days – Theolodge / Make Something Out of Nothing

Those Days – Theolodge

Florida based hip-hop and rap artist Theolodge has just released his newest single “Those Days”. This is a slow-tempo, nostalgic hip-hop track, taking listeners on a musical journey down Theolodge Avenue.

Theolodge developed his love for music when he was a youth in the church choir. The young choir boys would compete to see who could remember a whole song lyric for lyric.

Theolodge showcases his impressive wordplay skills in this song, painting a picture for us of his younger days and the inspiration of making something out of nothing.

If you enjoy music from artists such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, then Theolodge will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to “Those Days” right here…

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Success Pains – Scar Nitti / Powerful & Memorable

Success Pains – Scar Nitti

Scar Nitti is a hip-hop artist and songwriter based in New York. The universal language of music has always been his therapy and he has a special gift of communicating this to his audience.

His song “Success Pains” carries a deep message with powerful lyrics. It is about the success that many people crave and the pitfalls that can come with that accomplishment.

This is a mid-tempo track with a relaxed vibe and impressive wordplay skills. If you enjoy music from artists such as Rick Ross and Nas, then Scar Nitti will fit perfectly on your hip-hop playlist.

Listen to “Success Pains” right here…

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Gonna Drive – Todd Barrow / Sentimental Reminiscing

Texas-based country singer Todd Barrow has just released “Gonna Drive”. A mid-tempo, sentimental country song about missing the pre-COVID days of live shows.

Barrow grew up surrounded by music in a household of musicians and singers. By the young age of 5 yrs old, he was competing in talent shows and performing in festivals and events.

His recent release “Gonna Drive” is a charming and emotive country song. Barrow reminisces about the days of being on the road, driving from gig to gig and connecting with fans.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Rodney Atkins and Dierks Bentley, then Todd Barrow will fit perfectly on your country music playlist.

Listen to “Gonna Drive” right here…

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Take Me Back – Random Parts / Addictively Nostalgic

Meet Random Parts:

LA-based Jonathon Brannon is the founder and songwriter for Random Parts. A pop-rock band that showcases Brannon’s exceptional songwriting abilities and talented guest vocalists.

Brannon has been releasing music since 2007 under the artist name, Brannon, with his longtime collaborator, David Cagle on vocals.

Random Parts is Brannon’s new project that is focusing on developing further into the pop-rock genre.

Brannon first discovered his talent for songwriting in his 20’s, when he needed an expressive outlet to help him deal with some difficult times. Unable to sleep, he began to write lyrics and wrote his first three songs in one night.

Brannon draws his inspiration from everyday life all around us. He told us: “I believe we all go through similar struggles, joys, heartbreaks, pitfalls and triumphs. I believe music has a great way of connecting with us and letting us know we’re not alone.”

His newest release “Take Me Back” sprung to fruition from a 9th-grade class picture that appeared on his Facebook memories. The inspiration came to him immediately and he wrote the lyrics in an hour and a half.

Take Me Back:

“Take Me Back” is the second single released by Random Parts featuring vocalist Bobby John. This is an emotive, upbeat, rock-pop song with dashes of country-rock, epic guitar riffs, inspiring drumming and an anthemic chorus.

John’s raspy, rock star vocals are enough to make any woman swoon and we just can’t resist joining in when he sings: “take me back, when life was more simple, with a couple of pimples, and dreams didn’t get off track. Oh take me back”.

This is a nostalgic song, reminiscing on our youth, friends, first loves, freedom and the excitement of having the whole world in front of you.

What great memories to return to! The song fills us with joyful and hopeful energy, returning to the days when we felt anything was possible. If you enjoy music from artists such as Nickleback and Daughtry then Random Parts will fit perfectly on your pop-rock playlist.

Watch the music video right here…

What’s Next:

Brannon has several exciting new songs gearing up for release, from both his projects as Brannon and Random Parts. We are excited to hear what this talented songwriter will treat us with next.

In the meantime, Brannon has a message for all his listeners and budding songwriters: “Thank you for listening and supporting the music. It truly means a lot and I don’t take it for granted. Also, if you’re just starting writing songs, keep writing. Even if you think those songs are bad, keep writing. Keep getting better and don’t be afraid to share your gift of connection.”

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“Devil” by Kumiho & Sammy Legs / Dark Swing Takes New Heights

Meet Kumiho & Sammy Legs:

Singer-songwriter Kumiho and composer/producer Sammy Legs, are the talented artists behind this extraordinary band.

They have just released their first collaborated single with Berlin-based, German label, Electro Swing Thing, and it is an absolute banger!

Kumiho, known as the demon temptress, infuses the free-spirited nature of jazz, along with modern-day psychedelic electronic instrumentation, to create a raw and untamed sound.

She has always found inspiration in female legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and modern-day bands like Caravan Palace. Being an experienced performer, she tantalises her live audience with dazzling dance moves from burlesque to flapper.

Sammy Legs developed his fascinating sound during his time spent in the Berlin underground music scene and California desert. His quirky, unique and captivating style incorporates elements of house, techno, minimal and breakbeat.

Together, along with guest instrumentalists, they have produced this insanely ecstatic dark swing track, “Devil”.


This track has been gaining momentum in the underground California club scene with a growing fan base. It’s now been released through popular demand and you only have to listen to the intro to know why.

This is such a fantastically upbeat, feel-good song that spontaneously makes your booty shake.

Kumiho lures us in with her seductive vocals, as she warns us: “all of you lovers, remember to be wise, the devil only comes to play at night.”

The song gradually builds in intensity, lifting listeners to a euphoric state just to drop the beat on us with some cheeky scatting from Kumiho.

Multiple layers of trumpets, bass-beats, synthesizers and vocals create an ecstatic soundscape. You have to listen to it to believe it. Legs’ imaginative compositions take us to new and unchartered sonic lands.

“Devil” has all the best elements of a great club track, and it’s irresistibly addictive. If you enjoy music from artists such as Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace, then “Devil” by Kumiho & Sammy Legs will fit perfectly on your electro-swing playlist.

Turn up the volume and enjoy “Devil” right here…

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“Cute” by Alex Sloane / Underneath the Beauty Queen

Meet Alex Sloane:

Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and music producer Alex Sloane, has just released her brand new single “Cute”.

Alex has been a music enthusiast since she first picked up a guitar at 7 years old and began learning from her Father.

Because Alex is left-handed, her Father restrung the guitar for her and taught her how to play by mirroring him. Together, they recorded her first song in his homemade studio garage.

Alex is influenced by several different sources such as; drag shows, classic literature, math rock and video games. All contributing to her unique style and irresistible vivaciousness.


Her newest single, out today, “Cute”, is about always trying to be that perfect representation of “cute” for somebody, but exhausting yourself with the effort.

This mid-tempo, funky, indie-electronica track incorporates a multiple layered dreamy, synth soundscape with echoed vocals and video game sounding background.

Alex’s vocal performance is completely captivating. Her seductive, breathy style entices listeners and creates an engaging atmosphere.

The lyrics display a vulnerability and sensitivity which many listeners will connect with. That exhausting feeling that your love is not enough for someone, and you have to keep up a certain image to maintain your lover’s affection.

Revealing lyrics such as: “tell me how you want me to be. I try to keep it cute. On tight, on top, on lock for you”, reveal the underlying message of this song.

This is the perfect song to add to your chilled-indie-electronica playlist. The song is, as the title states, cute! If you enjoy music from artists such as Melanie Martinez and Charli XCX, then you will love Alex Sloane.

Listen to her single “Cute” right here…

What’s Next:

Alex is now working on a music video for this release and we may see a mixtape from her in the not too distant future. In the meantime, she has a message for all her fans: “Keep it cute!”.

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Kess Kiss Pass? – Marie Möör & THE OTHER COLORS / Acceptance & Equality

Meet Marie Möör & The Other Colors:

Marie Möör & The Other Colors are a French electronic band, based in Paris, France, The two band members are vocalist and songwriter Marie Möör and music composer Laurent Chambert.

Marie Möör first got involved in music after she met saxaphonist and jazzman, Barney Wilen, who inspired her greatly. Laurent Chambert trained in classical piano as well as fine arts. The two make a unique and intriguing band who are cultivating raw, sensual and captivating music.

Kess Kiss Pass?

“Kess Kiss Pass?” is an electro-pop, synth driven slow tempo sultry song, with the lyrics repeated “Kess Kiss Pass?” in differing inflexions. This creates subtle variations in the intention behind the question, what’s going on?

The unique character of this song is it’s willingness to listen and accept. It opens a portal for the acceptance of differences, eventually leading us to equality.

Möör delivers a unique and hypnotic performance which you will want to return to, again and again. If you enjoy music from artists such as Fever Ray and Suicide, then Marie Möör & The Other Colors will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to “Kess Kiss Pass?” right here…

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