Month: June 2021

Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind) – Debut Single by Jane Leo / A Harrowing Tale of Lust & Loss

Meet Jane Leo:

Indie-rock band Jane Leo have just released their debut single, “Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind)”. A seriously impressive song and music video by the duo, Daniel Leopold and Jane Ellen Bryant.

Growing up in the Detroit area, Daniel immersed himself in music as a way to survive the harsh winters. Over the years, the duo’s musical journey has been influenced by transformative artists whose music connects to a timeless era, such as; Iggy Pop, Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley, to name a few.

The inspiration for “Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind)” came to Daniel after an extensive tour with his band, Leopold and His Fiction. Jane told us: “It’s a torturous story of lust and vulnerability.”

Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind):

“Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind)” opens with an intense and captivating soundscape and we are instantly engaged and enthralled. The composition has a thick texture, incorporating multiple instrumentals. Deep sounds emanate from the drums and keyboard, utilising the lower register which creates a hypnotic atmosphere.

Daniel and Jane deliver an impressive and mesmerising performance both vocally and theatrically. Their expressive tones and exceptional vocal ability completely captivate us. The phrase “tell me I’m on your mind” is repeated multiple times, with differing inflexions, emotions and tempo in the delivery. This effect imprints an unforgettable experience on the listener.

The music video is a beautifully shot piece of artwork that has a vintage Bonny and Clyde feel and look to it. The first half of the video is shot in black and white until the chorus delivers an explosive instrumental outburst as well as an explosion of colour on the screen. An extravagant fight ensues with slow-motion punches followed by passionate kissing. This display clearly reflects the intensity and insanity that can arise within a relationship when the passion for anger is just as intense as the passion for lust.

TELL ME (I’m On Your Mind) is the first track that Daniel and Jane collaborated and sang on together and we are already fans of this talented indie-rock duo. If you enjoy music from artists such as Lana Del Ray and Arctic Monkeys then Jane Leo will fit perfectly on your indie-rock playlist.

Watch the music video here…

This song is just the beginning for Jane Leo and we are excited to see more releases from them soon. They told us: “We’ve got so many songs in the vault, it’s time to finally let go of our grip and share”. In the meantime, Jane Leo has a message for all their listeners: “stay curious”.

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Not Today – Makin Bakin / Euphoric Disco Vibes Inspire & Delight

Meet Makin Bakin:

Berlin-based producer and DJ, Makin Bakin, has returned with another show-stopping disco-house track, “Not Today”.

Makin Bakin is the solo project of Wolfram von Dobschütz, a highly experienced and talented DJ who entered the world of disco-house in 2020, under his disco alter-ego, “Makin Bakin”.

Wolfram told us: “I always liked the funky soul and disco music of the 70s, from Motown and Northern Soul to Saturday Night Fever. I also love contemporary club music (especially house). So, it was obviously a good idea to combine everything into one.”

In January 2021, Makin Bakin launched his weekly DJ show, Disco Duesdays. This broadcast is to inspire the online dance community to come together and celebrate with groovy beats and exhilarating sounds.

His newest track “Not Today” is an inspirational song helping people stay positive in these difficult times. This can be a challenge for some people, especially during pandemic times, when there is a large amount of anger and negativity. The simple message here is to stay happy and don’t let others bring you down.

Not Today:

“Not Today” is a disco-infused high-energy house track that we absolutely love! This uplifting, feel-good song will have your feet tapping and body grooving with its irresistible upbeat rhythm and anthemic lyrics.

A powerful and impressive vocal performance captivates listeners and you won’t be able to resist singing along with the inspirational sassy chorus, “Not today, you can’t take my joy today, no not today. Not today, I found my inner peace to say, no, not today”.

Multiple layers of varying electronic beats and sound effects produce a spectacular soundscape. These feel-good sonic waves produce a major body-mind buzz that lifts listeners into a high state of euphoria.

“Not Today” has some serious attitude to it and it’s the perfect way to cast off any pessimistic energy and claim, not today! Today, you can refuse to let other people’s negativity bring you down.

Turn this track up, ignite your soul and dance away the blues with this irresistible disco-house track. If you enjoy music from artists such as Purple Disco Machine and The Shapeshifters, then Makin Bakin will fit perfectly on your disco-house playlist.

Watch the music video here…

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All About That Bass – Szigeti Juli / Addictively uplifting Electro-Swing

Meet Szigeti Juli:

Neo swing band, Szigeti Juli from Budapest, Hungary, have just released their latest single “All About That Bass”. An electro-swing remake of the pop song by Meghan Trainor.

The band was founded in 2019 by Juli after she returned home from her travels in China and Europe. During this time abroad Juli gained much experience and knowledge from her competitions in talent contests, tours, open mics and jam sessions.

On her return to Budapest, she had finally found her path and formed her band in the genre that connected with her the most, electro-swing.

The band consists of four members; Juli on lead vocals, Apor, a drummer on a drum pad, Zoli, the guitarist and Máté, a saxophonist. All musicians studied at the Jazz Academy in Hungary and together they are creating inspiring and uplifting music.

All About That Bass:

Szigeti Juli is absolutely in love with this pop banger and even though they already made a jazzy cover of “All About That Bass” a few years ago, they just couldn’t resist making a new version, produced by the prolific Wolfgang Lohr from Berlin and his label, Electro-Swing Thing Records.

This uplifting and energising song will have your body involuntary moving and grooving from the first few beats, with its blend of old-time swing and electrifying electro sounds.

The song moves through varied tempos, from upbeat high energy saxophone infused musical explosions, to slow seductive drawn-out vocal deliveries. Giving listeners an injection of a multitude of sensations.

The old-time sound effect applied to the soundscape and vocal delivery invokes feelings of nostalgia mixed with the modern-day euphoria of the electro additions.

Juli dazzles listeners with her sultry sounding, captivating vocals and uplifting performance which is the perfect winning combo.

The music video is fantastically entertaining with inspiring swing dancing performed by Juli along with her beautifully infectious smile that will brighten your heart and lift your spirits.

It’s impossible not to love this song which delivers a potent dose of happy energising vibes. If you enjoy music from artists such as Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar, then Szigeti Juli will fit perfectly on your electro-swing playlist.

Watch the music video here…

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Time Moves Slow – Sorry It’s Over / Quirky & Unique Music Video

Meet the hottest new Socal band, Sorry It’s Over:

California based alternative pop-rock band, Sorry It’s Over, have just released their newest single and debut music video titled; “Time Moves Slow”.

Bandmates Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella have been playing together since high school and their music expresses their Socal easy-going, good-time vibe.

Louis grew up jamming with his father and gained a fruitful education in classic rock music which he showcases in their productions. His extensive musical talents perfectly complement Sam’s captivating vocal ability and the two have gained some major attention since they first appeared on the music scene.

Time Moves Slow:

“Time Moves Slow” is the first song featuring Louis on lead vocals and he delivers a heartfelt and emotive performance. His raspy, slightly rock style vocals charm listeners and encourage them to join in with him when he sings: “time moves slow, when you don’t really want it to. Just know, I’ll be back soon as long as you stay near to me”.

This song has a happy and upbeat soundscape that inspires listeners to dance and skip around. But, the song is actually about heartbreak and how the loss of someone you love changes the world around you and makes everything, well… move slow.

The music video shows three sweet-natured, quirky young guys who could steal the heart of any young admirer. They project an image of wholesome, charming and adorable young men.

The opening scene of the video is reminiscent of The Beatles, as the boys stand with instruments in hand, nodding their heads from side to side.

Curious random images of blue skies, rollercoaster rides, Darth Vader, hula girls and gorillas flash across the backdrop. This accompanied by the bands geeky dancing is highly amusing and there is a definite tongue in cheek humour to the whole performance.

This fun music video and cheerful song will charm any music fan and if you like songs from artists such as Peach Pit and Green Day, then Sorry It’s Over will fit perfectly on your pop-rock playlist.

Watch the music video on YouTube and please like, share and comment!

What’s Next for Sorry It’s Over?

The band are excited to announce they will be performing at The Viper Room, in West Hollywood on June 25th. This is their first live show since the pandemic and they hope to be coming to a town near you soon.

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One in a Million – Eluozo / Addictively Catchy & Soulful RnB Vibes

“One in a Million” is the debut single from Eluozo, an up and coming RnB artist from Nigeria. He is a passionate and creative singer-songwriter and producer who has joined forces with the indie label and production company, 3 Shots Production. Together, they are ready to take the music industry by storm.

“One in a Million” is a soulful and upbeat RnB track. It has a dreamy electronic soundscape and catchy melody that would fit perfectly in the club, bar or festival scene. Eluozo showcases his deliciously smooth and captivating vocals in this song, which would charm any listener. If you enjoy music from artists such as The Weekend and John Legend then you will love Eluozo.

Listen to his single “One in a Million” right here…

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Price Check – Scar Nitti / Impressive Versatility & Connection

Meet Scar Nitti:

New York-based hip-hop artist and songwriter Scar Nitti has recently released his latest EP Price Check.

Nitti is an impressive wordsmith who has always had a passion for music and songwriting. Hip-hop opened a world of expressive art for Nitti, a portal in which he was able to convey his experiences. He told us: “music has always been my therapy, with hip hop, in particular, being the language that spoke to me the most.”

As well as being a talented artist, Nitti is also an entrepreneur who is developing a brand named WealthNotWages Lifestyle LLC. The idea behind this company is to encourage young people to focus on long term goals and stay committed to their journey.

His EP Price Check is a collection of 4 songs, “Scan It”, “Pressure Point”, “Breeze Thru” and “Still a Soldier”. This is a versatile and effective project which was inspired by Nitti’s inner questioning, “how much am I willing to pay for this success journey?”.

Price Check:

Nitti has crafted an impressive EP where he expertly communicates deep emotions and inner dialogues through poetic rhymings and perfectly articulated vocals.

Price Check has an undeniably old skool hip-hop vibe to it, with a crisp and clean delivery, which is a delight to listen to. His focus on quality rhythmic verses and high calibre performance elevates his music above the masses.

The EP opens with a slow vibing track that has a catchy melody and gentle soundscape. Nitti weaves imageries in our mind’s eye through witty lyrics such as: “you gotta be on high alert when you living too well. Started eating from the earth, steamed broccoli and kale”.

The third track on the EP, “Breeze Thru” incorporates a stronger lo-fi and RnB vibe. Soulful backing singing blends harmoniously with mellow yet poignant rapping as the vocals of Nitti and DJ Tek Wun join together telling us: “it’s a cold cold world, that we’re living in”.

The final track on this EP “Still a Soldier” displays a powerful soundscape with strong beats that invoke the imagery of soldiers marching. This song has the makings of a great rap anthem which many listeners will connect with. And, the chorus inspires listeners to join in, as he raps: “I’m still a soldier in this game of life, it’s either honour or death, so be aware when you check the price”.

Price Check is a notable EP that showcases Nitti’s powerful lyricism and captivating performance style. If you enjoy music from artists such as Rick Ross and Nas, then Scar Nitti will fit perfectly on your hip-hop/lo-fi playlist.

Finally, Scar Nitti has a message for all his listeners: “share, like and comment but of course stream and download anything that I release and you find value in. Most of all I’m humbled and appreciative to have you all as fans.”

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Deathbox – THE WiND & Omni Auspice / Sinister Sounds Intrigue and Delight

Meet THE WiND & Omni Auspice:

Representing the Finger Lakes region of New York state, rap/hip-hop duo Omni Auspice (lyricist and emcee) and THE WiND (producer) have been developing unique and powerful music since they joined forces in 2018.

Collaboratively they named themselves the “Dissociates” and they released their first album in 2018 titled THE SAMADHI EXPERIENCE. Together, they have delved into the darker realms of rap and hip-hop creating intensely notable music.

THE WiND has been around since the beginning of time and also goes under the name Indigo Flow. Omni grew up being influenced by everything hip-hop and he was a true student of the golden era. His inspiration arises not just from his love for hip-hop but also from his interest in quantum reality.

Their release “Deathbox” is an impactful track that was inspired by them seeing the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, weeks before it arrived in the USA and other parts of the world.


An intensely heavy soundscape opens this track producing a strong sensation that a significant message is about to unfold. This effect immediately entices the listener and sparks major intrigue.

Omni delivers a profound performance that demands attention. He carries a noticeably serious tone in his delivery and his wordplay skills produce impressively rhythmic verses.

Listeners are absorbed into a darker realm provoked by poignant lyrics such as: “There’s no avoiding the voice of the past, it creeps in like poisonous gas, what’s more annoying than that”.

This impressive track has a severely sinister tone which perfectly conveys the inspiration behind it and imparts a lasting impression. If you enjoy music from artists such as Nujabes and ZillaKami then Deathbox by Omni Auspice and THE WiND will fit perfectly on your rap playlist.

Finally, this dynamic duo have a message for all their listeners: “Catch up!”.

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Black Panther – Yearwood / Intense Demonstration of Racial Injustice

Meet Yearwood:

LA-based rap artist, singer and songwriter, Yearwood has just released an impressive music video, titled “Black Panther”, about the inequality and abuse of black lives. Yearwood has created this in conjunction with the 100 year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 and current systemic racism in the USA.

Yearwood was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, where he grew up surrounded by dancehall and soca music. However, music didn’t play an important role in his life until he was introduced to DMX.

Through artists such as DMX and JAY-Z, Yearwood discovered a strong connection to rap music. It provided a portal for him to express himself through art.

He began to pursue a career in music five years ago after his first session at a recording studio in New York. After this, he not only cultivated a prosperous career as an artist but, also built a data science-driven startup company around music.

Black Panther:

“Black Panther” is an incredibly powerful rap song and music video from his upcoming debut album, Animal Farm. It may cause some viewers to feel uneasy, but this kind of brutal honesty is exactly what is needed.

For decades there was an intentional cover-up of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Scholars later discovered that the police and state militia archives concerning the massacre were missing. There were no public ceremonies, memorials for the dead or any efforts to commemorate the events of May 31-June 1, 1921. As a result, until recently the Tulsa Race Massacre was rarely mentioned in history books, taught in schools or even talked about.

The visual footage of this music video alone is enough to take your breath away. Impactful images of BLM protests, Ku Klux Klan burnings, white supremacists, beatings, and constant flashes of inequality statements flood the screen.

The impact is heightened as we listen to Yearwood’s compelling and poignant lyrics, such as: “we’re marching with our fists up and nothing can stop us. This should make your blood boil. You should be seething. Think about George Floyd, he should be breathing”.

Yearwood has created a seriously impressive piece of art that delivers a potent and lasting impression. He presents a clear and thought-provoking message that should be seen, heard and shared.

Watch the music video right here…

If you would like to learn more about the Tulsa Race Massacre follow this link:

What’s next for Yearwood?

Yearwood has exciting projects in the pipeline this year and he is set to release his upcoming album, Animal Farm this summer. This is a seven-song project with each song named after an animal. Black Panther is the first single from this project and we are excited to see the completion of this album. If you enjoy music from artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean, then Yearwood will fit perfectly on your rap playlist.

Keep and eye out for his future releases, in the meantime Yearwood has a message for all his listeners: “if Black Panther resonates with you. If this captures the way systemic racism or white supremacy in America makes you feel, share this video with your friends, enemies, and your neighbours. Make people uncomfortable. Spark a dialogue. Especially if you’re white. We appreciate all the allies we have in the fight for equality and we won’t make nearly as much progress as we can without your help.”

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Hourglass – Irresitible Reggae Vibes by Ben Barbic

Meet Ben Barbic:

California bay born and raised Ben Barbic is a multi-talented, genre-blending singer, songwriter, musician, and producer.

Ben has been an avid music lover since he got his first programmable keyboard at the age of 5 yrs old. By 7 he was already a budding songwriter and wrote his first song. He told us: “It was an ode to Martinelli Apple Juice in those little bottles, which I happen to be drinking at the time. It started with; I found a can of apple juice, all covered with leaves,” (Ben laughs).

That was the beginning of a lifelong passion for music, which he has continually developed, drawing his influences from his emotions, feelings, and life experiences.

His first introduction in the music industry was with hip-hop, but it was reggae that stole his heart. He told us: ” If you had to put me in a scene, it would definitely be reggae. I love the music, culture, and vibe of the thing.”

Although Ben’s core genre is reggae, he skillfully infuses his style with dashes of hip-hop, dancehall, and pop, to create a unique and appealing sound. His versatility and originality have been gaining much attention in the music industry and he just had a guest appearance on the well-known podcast “Moment 2 Moment”. Check it out here:


“Hourglass” is an addictive reggae vibe track where Ben dazzles us with impressively constructed rhythmic verses, which showcase sporadic super speedy lyrical delivery.

With a carefree energy and an incredibly catchy tune that keeps your body moving and grooving, this song stays with you, enticing you to return for more.

Ben has a beautifully smooth and charismatic voice that is a delight to listen to. His emotive expression in the delivery of the lyrics “and the time like sand in the hourglass”, connects strongly with the listener.

This gentle reminder alerts us to the realisation that time does slip through our fingers, just like sand. When we asked Ben about the inspiration for this song he told us: “we only have so much time to live life. So, live with no regrets and do the things you love. Live Free.”

“Hourglass” with its chilled reggae vibes and pleasing delivery will charm any listener and if you enjoy music from artists such as Collie Buddz and Fat Freddy’s Drop, then Ben Barbic will fit perfectly on your reggae playlist.

Listen to “Hourglass” on Spotify:

What’s next for Ben Barbic:

Ben is constantly striving to better his music and keep things fresh and exciting. He has several new projects gearing up for release this year, remember to keep an eye out for them.

In the meantime, he has a message for all his listeners: “Search endlessly for your personal passions. Once you find them don’t let anything take you off your path. I approach life with the motto that I’m only stopping when I’m dead. Until that day, I will only walk forward on my path. I try and give a message to everyone to enjoy life and try to find the best version of themselves. If you wake up every day and say, “This could be the best day of my life”, it sets a certain tone. With music and life, I’m searching for the best it can be. This is the only way I know how to live it. I hope you ride with me on this journey.”

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One More Day (Theme from “the Seven Chambers”) – Ben E. Davis / Explosive Expression of Love & Loss

Meet Ben E. Davis:

London-based, LA-born singer-songwriter Ben E.Davis has just released his newest single, “One More Day”.

Ben first started singing when he was just a young boy. He was inspired by a TV series called Kids Incorporated, about a group of youngsters who were in a band.

Years later, he fulfilled his childhood dream and joined a band called the LA Allstars. They toured the world together performing cover songs for weddings and corporate parties.

Ben has an eclectic style that was greatly influenced by two of the biggest music stars in history, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. His style of music is definitely within the pop genre but he tells us: “I call my music schizophrenic soulful pop, it mixes genres and reflects my mood at the time I’m writing”.

One More Day:

“One More Day” is a touching and intensely emotive song that was inspired by Ben’s grandma, Dorothy, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

The song opens and we are instantly captivated by a slow, dramatic and expansive soundscape, which is reminiscent of a Celine Dion movie soundtrack. It’s no surprise that this epic track was selected as the theme song for the video game, “The Seven Chambers”. A Nintendo switch video game about a young girl called Elasaid, who falls into a coma and experiences a past life as a Highland Warrior.

Ben sings with intense emotion and his breathy, raspy delivery expresses deep heartache and loss. He has an extraordinary vocal ability that carries immense character and charisma. Listeners are equally charmed and hypnotised by his passionate performance.

This is a slow-tempo track that gradually builds to an explosive chorus. It has all the makings of an unforgettable anthem and listeners won’t be able to resist joining in with the powerful chorus, as Ben sings: “what about me, what about you, what about all that we’ve been through. What do I say to turn the clock back, one more day”.

It’s no surprise that this epic track was selected as the theme song for the video game, “The Seven Chambers”. A Nintendo switch video game about a young girl called Elasaid, who falls into a coma and experiences a past life as a Highland Warrior. Her only escape is to navigate her way to the Seventh Chamber and fight the fallen angel. Take a look at the video game here:

Listeners will easily connect with this touching song and if you enjoy music from artists such as Olivia Rodrigo and The Weekend, then Ben E. Davis will fit perfectly on your pop playlist.

Watch the music video right here:

What’s next for Ben E. Davis?

Ben has an exciting year planned. He will be returning to performing live shows again, and he also has another single gearing up for release called “Lonely Without You”. Keep an eye out for it in July/August time. He told us: “it’s a pop/EDM summer banger and the remixes for the track are sick”.

In the meantime, Ben has a message for all his listeners: Now it’s time to dance, party, and live life to the fullest”.

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