A moving and provoking tale from Taylor Curtis “SOS”

Taylor Curtis

Taylor Curtis is a musician, songsmith and performer from Vancouver, who became hooked on music early on in his teenage years when he began to play the guitar and write his own songs.

Towards the end of his high school year, Taylor’s left lung spontaneously collapsed and he required emergency surgery. As part of his rehab programme to regain strength in his lungs, he began vocal lessons, which helped improve his lung capacity greatly.

The lessons also hugely benefitted Taylor’s vocal ability, greatly improving his singing ability.

During college Taylor spent some time playing in different bands, however his true passion lay in storytelling and songwriting, which drove him to venture out as a solo artist and write his own music.

Last year he released two noteworthy singles, “The Good Word” and “Glass House”.  His first EP titled “Neurotica” is due for release this December and he has just released a single from this upcoming EP, titled “SOS”.

“SOS” engages the listener immediately with a captivating upbeat guitar riff which stays with you for hours after.

Taylor’s raspy and charismatic vocals express deep intensity and emotion. His voice is hauntingly beautiful with an alluring and pleasing tone. The kind of voice you want to go back to and listen to over and over again.

The drum propels the song forward at a steady rhythmic pace, while Taylor’s impressive guitar hooks mesmerise the listener, leaving us wanting more.

The instrumental intensity rises, until Taylor shouts into the microphone with intense fervor; “What good is life if we’re just running away, what good is time if I’m wasting mine”

The lyrics and music are moving and provocative, drawing the listener into a hypnotic vortex.

Taylor’s talent for storytelling became refined in college while studying for his major in English. He applies this gift artistically to craft powerful lyrics, which create a vibrant image in the mind’s eye.

His raw and honest lyrics connect on a deep level with the listener as he opens up and shares intimate experiences and thoughts.

The inspiration for “SOS” came to him during the year of 2016, whilst he was struggling with feelings of fear and frustration over missed opportunities in every aspect of his life.

Despite the song having an intense and anguished expression to it, there is also a hopeful energy, and you feel the light of a brighter future shining through.

Taylor told us; “I think that’s the most important message baked into the song: as dark as things may get sometimes, there’s always space for the light to find a way”.

His music reflects elements of early 2000s’ rock, with impressive guitar hooks reminiscent of Radiohead and dashes of the Arctic Monkeys’ ingenuity.

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