“Jealous (Diakar Remix)” by Audie B – Exciting New Track with an Addictive Vibe

Meet Audie B:

Born in Paris, France and raised in Newcastle, Australia, singer-songwriter Audie B is the new name to look out for in the pop-rap scene. Her background in dance and theatre has helped mould her into a fierce performer with an electrifying stage presence and addictive sound that you will want to return to again and again.

“Jealous” by Audie B:

Her recent remix release of “Jealous (Diakar Remix)” showcases impressive rapping wordplay skills with an irresistibly fiery attitude. This track will definitely be drawing people to the dance floor with its high-energy electronic beats and anthemic chorus. “Jealous (Diakar Remix)” is the perfect new addition to your pop-rap playlist, and if you enjoy music from artists such as Coi Leray and Kah-Lo, then you will love Audie B.

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“Chance” by RUEHK – Shout-Out!

Shout-out for “Chance” by California based singer, songwriter and producer RUEHK. This lo-fi track wraps you in a warm blanket of feel-good vibes and dreamy composition. This is the perfect song to unwind and relax back to. Enjoy!

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New Tune From Olly Alexander ‘Starstruck’

If you’ve been waiting years and years to hear new tunes from Olly Alexander the wait is officially finished. Filmed at the Hotel Cafe Royal just outside of London’s famed Piccadilly Circus, the fizzy pop monitor’s music movie highlights Alexander’s acting chops as he portrays two quite different versions of himself pursuing one another throughout the luxurious establishment.

In a YouTube afterparty after its release, Alexander disclosed that the visual was filmed just a week prior. “It was very, very quick,” he said. “It’s one of those videos I never expected is like that. It was not like how I initially planned it, but I am so pleased with how it turned out.”Talking about the effervescent single, Alexander explained in a statement that it is about”the rush you get when you’re with someone you are really into, it’s all about holding on a fantastic sense and not letting it go.”

He continued: “Like most of us, I have spent the past year in the home, and I wanted to create something super positive and enjoyable for individuals (and myself) to bop along to. Whatever we are doing or wherever we are in life, I think most of us deserve three moments of interstellar ecstasy.” It’s that cosmic sentimentality that motivated Alexander to create a TikTok challenge around the song, too, requesting fans to demonstrate their”finest post-lockdown glow up that is leaving everyone starstruck because you look so fine.”

He posted his own take on the tendency last month, and because then fans have quickly taken on the challenge to flaunt their particular creative appearances too. The release of”Starstruck” includes a month after Years & Years published a statement online that members Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen are departing in the group. “This upcoming new album has been an Olly endeavor and we’ve decided that Years & Years will probably continue as an Olly solo job,” it read.

Olly went deeper into the decision to go solo at an interview with Capital FM last week. “Me, Mikey, and Emre fulfilled like 10 years back and we’ve been in this group for a long time and in that time we’ve kind of grown apart musically,” he explained. “It was a fair thing. We didn’t fall out. It’s certainly different, but I’m really excited as well to do my thing this moment.”

Shout-Out for “Oh No” by Pillowface

Shout-out for “Oh No” by up and coming hip-hop artist Pillowface. He brings his own unique flair to his music which he composes and produces either solely himself or with his close collaboraters.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and The Weekend then Pillowface will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to his track “Oh No” right here…

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Shout-Out for “ICE” by Lil Kelvo

Shout-Out for “ICE” by up and coming rap artist Lil Kelvo. This is a dynamic track showcasing impressive wordplay skills.

If you enjoy music from artists such as G Herbo Future and Drake then Lil Kelvo will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Strawberry Drip” by 7j2music

Shout-out for “Strawberry Drip” by hip-hop duo 7j2music. This sexy hip-hop track is a definite crowd pleaser, with anthemic lyrics and a groovy beat.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and The Weekend then 7j2music will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Enjoy this track right here…

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Shout-Out for “I Gave You Everything” by Black Saturday

Shout-out for “I Gave You Everything” by pop/punk, alternative rock band Black Saturday. This up and coming band consists of five members who have a serious passion for playing and creating music. Their sound is energetic, raw and enticing.

If you enjoy music from artists such as New Found Glory and The Breeders, then Black Saturday will fit perfectly on your punk-rock playlist.

Listen to their newest release right here…

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