Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé 9-year-old Daughter Won Her First Grammy

Blue Ivy Carter,aged 9, won the first Grammy of her very young singing career. Blue is the second youngest artist ever to win a Grammy.

The 63rd Grammy Awards ceremony took place at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA. In which, MV “Brown Skin Girl‘ of music superstar Beyoncé won the important category ‘Best music video’. 

This means that in addition to Beyoncé, all artists participating in the MV including Saint Jhn & Wizkid, Blue Ivy Carter – diva Beyoncé’s 9-year-old daughter will be honored at the award. Director Jenn Nkiru and producers Lauren Baker, Astrid Edwards, Nathan Scherrer & Erinn Williams were also named.

Blue Ivy is one of the youngest nominees to ever win a Grammy. She is just one year older than the youngest-ever Grammy honoree, Leah Peasall, whose group The Peasall Sisters won ‘Album of the Year’, Soundtrack in 2001.

“Brown Skin Girl” is included in the album “Lion King: The Gift” by Beyoncé. The video was released last summer, starring Lupita Nyong’o, Kelly Rowland and other famous faces as they sing about empowering black women.

The Grammy Awards was a big night for Blue Ivy’s mother, Queen Beyonce, who was nominated for nine awards and the 2021 Grammy’s most-nominated artist.