Cardi B’s ‘Up’ Hits No. 1 on Top Triller U.S. Chart Within Nearly A Month of Release!

Cardi B's 'Up' Hits No. 1 on Top Triller U.S. Chart Within Nearly A Month of Release!

Recently, the song “Up” has brought Cardi B to the top of the Triller U.S. Chart, helping this singer achieve more remarkable achievements in the US-UK music industry. It is widely known that the US Triller chart is considered to be very difficult to achieve for a music product in the shortest time, especially when Cardi B has only released this song within a month again or so.

Accordingly, “Up” released in early February 2021 is Cardi B’s latest single. This is her first single since the hit “WAP” in conjunction with Megan Thee Stallion was released last year,excluding the vocal contributions in Black Pink’s “Bet You Wanna” or “Me Gusta” by Anitta. In just a short time, “Up” has also won many prestigious awards and entered the top of the world Billboard music charts. The song currently has more than 50 million views on Youtube and is expected to soon reach 100 million in 2021.

In an online exchange, Cardi B introduced this song as “more aggressive and arrogant” than most of her previous productions. In the Hip-hop tune with a fast tempo, the female rapper tells about sexy conquests, lavish riches and girls who cannot catch up with her in a series of ear-catching rap versions.

Cardi B is known to everyone as a famous singer-rapper in the US-UK music industry. Originally starting her career as a dancer, after a hard time and effort to practice vocal and dance, Cardi B has become a professional singer who is loved much by the world audience.