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After needing to cancel Electric Daisy Carnival’s flagship vegas occasion in 2020, Nevada state officials have declared Insomniac’s plan to proceed with EDC Las Vegas’s May 21 — 23, 2021 dates, verifying The Festive Owl’s report from earlier in the afternoon.

Strong Safety Plan Announced

The announcement comes soon after Insomniac creator Pasquale Rotella shared an official upgrade for his Instagram saying that Insomniac had filed a strong safety plan to the state of Nevada. If its strategy was authorized, Insomniac would proceed forward together with all the sold-out three-day event in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Rotella said. Now, it is verified that EDC will realize its highly expected 25th anniversary in May as originally intended.

Line-up coming soon.

Pasquale Rotella closed by saying that both the lineup and information surrounding EDC’s security protocols will be declared shortly. Ticket holders have the ability to move their 2021 tickets to 2022.

Interview with Phil Elam / A story of uncompromising strength and resilience

Interview with Phil Elam / A story of uncompromising strength and resilience

Meet Phil Elam:

Phil Elam is a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, filmmaker and charitable giver, who has been releasing music since 2018 when he burst on the scene with a hilarious, comical party track “White Girl Wasted”. Since then he has had a consistent stream of releases showcasing his varying style between hip-hop, pop, RnB, EDM, country and soft rock. 

We sat down with Phil Elam to find out more about his past experiences, present projects for his alter ego character, Coco Bean, and his future endeavours. 

Here’s our interview with Phil Elam, aka Coco Bean:

G: What first got you into music?

PE: Taking classical piano lessons wasn’t a choice.  My father, who raised my brother and me as a single parent after the death of my mom when I was 8 years old, wanted to do his best to provide us with as much culture as possible.  We grew up in Detroit’s inner city.  But every Saturday morning he would drive us out to Allen Park to take piano lessons. I didn’t understand why it was so important to practice EVERRRRYDAY, but my dad was instilling lessons of consistency without me even knowing it.

G: How was life growing up in Detroit?

PE: Growing up in Detroit was exciting, heartbreaking, inspiring, nail-biting, tough and magical.  In short, growing up in Detroit forced me to face every emotion on the spectrum of humanity.

I clearly remember one day in middle school (7th grade) where all of us kids were in the large sprawling music room. I realized at one point that all the black kids were on one side of the room and all the white kids were on the other. In my gut, I knew this was so wrong!  So I walked over to the other side where all the white kids were. I had no plan in my head what to do or say once I travelled only a few physical feet, that emotionally felt like I had trekked across the continent. When I got to the other side I was greeted by hostile, glazed over eyes and furrowed brows. I held my ground and simply said “Hi.” Immediately I was called names I will not repeat. Of course, I was devastated and immediately turned around and retreated to the land from which I came.

Then, when I got back to the other side I was greeted by even more ridicule. I can still hear the remarks bouncing around my head like a spiked laced pinball. “What are you doing going over there?”, “What you think you’re white or something?”. “Get outta here, you Uncle Tom!”. “You’re a f***in Oreo”.


G: How has music helped you through these difficult times and impacted your life?

PE: From very early on, music has been my refuge. In times of loss, loneliness and rainy Saturday afternoons when the smell of rain-drenched grass choked the urban air. I would open the window and dream of a magical future. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata would most often be the soundtrack during such moments.

G: What is your favourite song to sing? 

PE: OMG! So many. I remember being in college at the local laundromat with barely enough quarters to make it through the week. I had an old Ford Pinto and surviving that car and being here today is one of many reasons why I believe in angels — that car was a rolling deathtrap!

Once again, it was raining. I can still see the streams of rainwater rolling down the front windshield. That was the first time I heard David Bowie’s “Heroes”.  It was a classic by that time, but it spoke to my soul about what a person can dream of becoming.

I still sing that tune at the top of my lungs today.  Other songs include “Turn The Page” by Bob Seger, “Proud Mary”, Tina Turner and “Someone Like You”, Adele. However, I can’t stop shaking my booty when I hear Will Smith’s “Men In Black”, TLC “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” and… “YMCA” Village People — that’s right, “YMCA”!  I said it!


G: What musician’s do you admire?

PE: Bob Seger and Elton John are two musicians I remember growing up being utterly mesmerized by their ability. I literally thought that they were not human. That there’s absolutely no way they could be from planet earth. I couldn’t imagine any human being able to create and convey such authentic emotion through music, lyric and melody.  

Prince was my first concert.  I was way too young to be there, of course.  But I couldn’t get over the courage from such a short guy in high-heels scooting around the stage in a trench coat, g-string and a guitar draped across his back. Even though, I didn’t understand why he captivated me. I came to understand later that I was floored by his unabashed bravery to be himself no matter what anyone else thought. The opinion of others refused to define him.

G: If you weren’t a musician what else would you do? 

PE: If I wasn’t a musician I wouldn’t exist.


G: Tell us more about your acting career? 

PE: I am currently taking intense weekly acting classes at Cleveland’s 1st Team Actors Studios.  It is owned and operated by Lauren Nichols and Angela Boehm.  Course classes include; auditioning, advance auditioning, scene study, commercial auditioning, script to screen, improvisation 1, improvisation 2,  voice-over, actor-director relationship and numerous speciality weekend workshop sessions. What is amazing about the course study here is that it is an incredible community of actors and artists. The atmosphere is nothing short of acceptance and support. Since studying here I have been signed to Docherty Talent Agency. Also, from my experience, thus far, I have met many wonderfully talented and established people within the industry such as Jeffrey Grover who has, in turn, introduced me to other notable artists (Elizabeth Coplan). 

In addition to these studies, I have been blessed to work with noted industry veteran, Marvin Towns Jr, who was kind and generous enough to direct and be an executive producer for my debut original short film, SWING LOW.  Through Marvin’s leadership, the short film has earned a total of 12 awards at various film festivals across the country.  Including three for best actor, three for best director, two for best short film and one TV pilot award among others.

Coco Bean:

G: Who and what is Coco Bean? 

PE: The idea for Coco Bean originated from a thought I had after listening to an Eminem interview. In the interview, Marshall suggested that we should embrace what people perceive as a negative and turn it into a positive. Such a comment spoke directly to my soul. I gave it a think and thought what is so dark and at the same time, so many people just can’t do without? A COCO BEAN!

G: What about your charity work?

PE: Charitable endeavours are so important. It is our responsibility as people (particularly artists) to give back when we have been given so much. Over time I have been looking for ways to donate royalties from various songs to organizations that are all about making a difference in the lives of those in need. Under the moniker of Phil Elam streaming royalties have gone to Forgotten Harvest and the Tree Of Life Synagogue charities.

G: What are your future plans?

PE: My goal as an artist is to move the conversation forward in a positive direction regarding social change and human acceptance for all. It is my goal to use artistry as a platform for such positive social change. In 20 Years I want to be in the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and also recognized for my attempts to bring about human cooperation on a global scale.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Eminem and Drake then Phil Elam & Coco Bean will fit perfectly on your playlist. Follow and support this artist here:

Under Your Skin by Antonio Moreno / Dreamy euphoria & EDM bliss

Meet Antonio Moreno:

German-based producer and DJ, Antonio Moreno has wowed us once again with another heart-pumping, captivating EDM release, “Under Your Skin”. This release is with his label, Puta Madre Music.

Moreno has been surrounded by music his entire life and he learned to play the guitar from a very young age. His family immersed him in Flamenco music during his younger years and he considers his roots firmly sown into this genre. He has told us: “my origin was, is, and will always be Flamenco”.

However, he began to explore new avenues of music once he was hit with the electronic dance virus! Flamenco is still a huge source of inspiration for him, along with the 90s’ trance and techno sounds, particularly from Frankfurt and Berlin. This unique blend of influences has definitely given birth to an exclusive style, all his own.

Under Your Skin:

His latest release “Under Your Skin” was produced in 2020. The inspiration for this song arose while he was visiting his Mother at her Finca in Spain. The wide-open ocean view, along with a feeling of melancholy, catalyzed the creation of this enthralling track.

Moreno collaborated with Chloe Kay for this song and she delivers a remarkable and beautiful vocal performance. She perfectly conveys a dreamy sensation with her angelic voice which hypnotises us completely, as she sings: “It was a beautiful dream, a beautiful dream, there was no pain and there was no fear”.

The contrast of Kay’s ethereal vocals blended with Moreno’s intense trance beats transmit a spectacularly euphoric soundscape that drives the momentum onward and upward, raising the listener into ecstatic EDM bliss.

This emotive and engaging track will charm any listener, especially lovers of electronic music. You can listen to “Under Your Skin” and watch the music video right here…

What’s next? 

Moreno has two new tracks set for release soon, which he has told us are very special and he quoted: “I can promise you that one of them is a style you never heard  before!” We are intrigued and excited to see these new releases, keep an eye out for them right here:

In the meantime Moreno has a message for all his fans: “I do this shit only for you! If I can put a smile on your face, help you feel better or you dance to my tracks, I  would say: mission completed and then I am happy. And of course, I want to bring collateral damage to the dancefloor.”

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Infinity by Alex Silver / Enter into euphoric sonic bliss

Infinity by Alex Silver / Enter into euphoric sonic bliss

Meet Alex Silver:

Alex Silver is a music producer who has been exploring and cultivating his own unique sound for the past 8 years. Before entering the world of music production, Alex was an intensive competitive dancer. However, he suffered a serious injury at the age of 13 which prevented him from furthering his dancing career.

Dancing gave Alex a vehicle to express himself and the feeling of freedom. His exceptional talent for music production has allowed him to transfer these feelings and transmit them through his extraordinary music productions.

Alex’s inspiration comes from his emotions. His creative process arises from a deep feeling which he wishes to communicate and translate into sound. He told us: “I make music from my soul”. This intense form of expression produces music with a maturity way beyond his years.

His most recent release is a 16 track album titled Infinity which takes us on a spectacular journey into the outer edges of time and space.


This notable album absorbs the listener completely and instantaneously in deep ambient sounds and dreamy production. Encompassing us with an overwhelming sense of tranquillity, calm and rejuvenation.

Alex has incorporated the use of crystal alchemy singing bowls into his work. He plays different notes that correspond with the chakra system and are all tuned to the frequency of 432Hz. This emits waves of healing energy that resonates through our physical and energetic body.

Alex told us: “I made Infinity as a concept album to give people the picture in their mind of an abyss. The idea that forever is limitless and we exist in an endless sea of energy and creation”.

Alex expertly delivers this feeling of infinite space through his music. Each song takes us on a mystical ride through a boundless soundscape, immersing us in sonic bliss.

The third song on the album, “Infinity” is a notable highlight. It incorporates euphoric soundwaves and dreamy reverbed vocals which hypnotise the listener and carry us into an alternate universe.

The tone and energy of the songs progress throughout the album and the song “Oasis” delivers an uplifting world music vibe. It showcases bird sounds with Andean style flutes, along with African sounding drumming.

The production of this album is nothing short of spectacular and it is a perfect fit for a lounge bar, yoga studio or spa. If you enjoy music from artists such as Jhene Aiko and Russ then you will love Alex Silver.

Listen to Infinity and watch the music video here:

What’s Next:

Alex is always working on improving his production skills to develop better music. His upcoming releases include an entire EP solely dedicated to sound healing music and another EP that will be pure RnB. We are excited to see the release of these upcoming projects.

In the meantime Alex has an important mesage for all his listeners: “Dream big. Trust and believe in yourself”.

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“Forget It” by Spaceman / Chaos & Fascination

“Forget It” by Spaceman / Chaos & Fascination


Spaceman is an emcee, songwriter and producer who has been involved in music for as long as he can remember. He has stated that music is one of the only things he believes in.

Music, and more specifically rapping, is the perfect vehicle for him to express himself. He shares elements of himself, that he wouldn’t normally be able to, through the cultivation of phrases, textures and rhythms.

His inspiration is drawn from the everyday spectacle around us, called human life. He told us: “When you live in a world like ours, that seems to take pleasure in undermining whatever you expect from it. The prospect of building your own cultural atmosphere becomes pretty compelling.”

His release “Forget It” from his album Fascist Utopia: Regime Change is a hard-hitting piece about accepting our reality in these days and times.


The instrumental accompaniment to this song is like a Marrakech bazaar. Busy and fascinating. It causes the listener to stand still and pay attention as multiple layers of synth drum beats masterfully weave in and out of one another.

Spaceman’s performance is completely captivating. You want to listen to him and hear what he is saying.

His expressive rapping unfolds witty, rhymic verses of fascination such as: “set my own deadlines, surrounded by broken timelines” and “freedom of speech is something I’ve really grown accustomed to”.

This track induces feelings of chaos and disorientation which is represented perfectly in the music video he has produced. It seems Spaceman is reflecting the unease in the world around him.

But, you should decide for yourselves. Listen to this song and watch the music video right here…


Spaceman hopes to get out on road and start performing as soon as the world opens up. In the meantime, his message to all his listeners is this: “Be yourself, forget it”.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA, then Spaceman will fit perfectly on your playlist.


Shout-Out for “Holly Anna Lisa” by Tyme, Lil’ Flip & Killa Kyleon.

The new release “Holly Anna Lisa” is a hard-hitting, head-bopping, impressive rap song created through the collaboration of this noteworthy trio, Tyme, Lil’ Flip and Killa Kyleon.

Listen and enjoy this song on all top streaming patforms and right here…

“Weaping Willow” by Betty Boo Banksta / Intimate Intensity

“Weaping Willow” by Betty Boo Banksta / Intimate Intensity

Betty Boo Banksta, is an artist who got into music to fall in love but ended up falling in love with the music. An amusing and interesting story preceded Betty’s arrival into the music industry.

Betty and her cousin fell in love with a popular male group and they, as teenagers do, would watch their videos over and over again. In an attempt to meet the objects of their affection and win their hearts, they dedicated themselves to a career in music.

In the end, they did meet the objects of their affection, but in the process, Betty truly fell in love with music and not the male group, although they did become and still are very close friends. Betty told us: “It became imprinted on my heart and soul. I fell in love with music”.

She has been releasing music since 2018 with no signs of slowing down. Her impressive selection of releases showcases her ever-evolving style and she incorporates multiple genres from hip-hop, jazz, pop, lounge, world music and even a bit of country.

“Weaping Willow”

“Weaping Willow” is a sentimental song that she released in 2018. It was inspired after a trip to Savannah where the beautiful weeping willows tell their story. Betty saw those trees as sacred, mysterious, relaxing, nurturing, mystical, sad, yet joyful all at once.

She realised this recognition was a reflection of herself and poured all those feelings into this song.

The song opens with a very relaxed feel as we hear a melodic tune strumming on the guitar and Betty speaking to her recording team.

The echoed microphone effect with a tinny, distance guitar sound, gives the song a 60s feel, slightly reminiscent of Janis Joplin.

There is a deliciously progressive journey to this song, as multiple layers of instruments gradually add one by one. This effect slowly evolves the soundscape to an intense high, before taking it back, piece by piece, to a simple strumming guitar.

Betty has a passionately soulful voice that carries wonderful expression and depth. The use of breathiness in her vocal delivery conveys a delicate intimacy and it feels like we are being given insight into a special secret.

This a powerfully emotive track that connects with the listener on a deep level. If you enjoy music from artists such as Erykah Badu and H.E.R, then Betty Boo Banksta will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to “Weaping Willow” right here…

What’s next…

Betty plans to continue making music that moves and connects with people. Music that makes people laugh and dance. Music to make love to. She has told us: ” I want to be a spaceship pimpin of bliss. Banksta Goddess”.

Betty has one important message for all her listeners out there: “Be kind, please be kind to one another. Keep some Betty Boo Banksta in your life. Add it to your repertoire and life will always be even better than good. Love y’all”.

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“We Are in Some Trouble” by Rocketball 007 / Juicy Originality

“We Are in Some Trouble” by Rocketball 007 / Juicy Originality

Meet Rocketball 007:

Rockcetball 007 is the solo project of Richard Behan, who is the singer-songwriter, producer and manager. He has had a lifetime of experience in the music industry, which he initially got involved in, in the sixties. Now, he is in his sixties and trying to influence the world with his music.

In his younger days when he was first starting in the business, his parents were his biggest inspiration, as they smiled and asked him “when will you get a real job?”. Obviously, this only increased his conviction for a career in the music industry.

Nowadays, he gets inspired to make music when and how he feels like it, he has the freedom to create at his pleasure, in his home studio where he composes, writes and produces all of his original material.

“We Are in Some Trouble”

His latest release, “We Are in Some Trouble”, is a song about basically, getting in trouble. The lyrics tell us a tale of secret rendezvous’s, which, for whatever reason, shouldn’t be taking place. We’ll let your imaginations decide what they are doing, that they shouldn’t.

The track immediately draws us in as Rocketball instantly commences his charismatic performance. His breathy and gruff vocals combined with the unique musical accompaniment create a hypnotic and dreamy effect.

This is a unique song with multiple layered drums, synths and cymbals which creates an exciting soundscape. The pop-dance background beat gives the song an upbeat feel, and it could easily be placed on a chilled club playlist. If you enjoy music from artists such as Mike Posner and Twenty One Pilots, then you will love Rocketball 007.

Listen to this song here:

What’s next?

Rocketball is presently creating songs on a daily basis and posting them on his TikTok account. As the process develops he focuses on one particular song to evolve it further. Tune in and follow him to see more of his future projects at:

Rocketball has one very important message for all his listeners out there: “Keep on rocking, don’t give up. Things change in your favour as time goes on. Things open up. Don’t give up.”

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