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Shout-Out for “Oh No” by Pillowface

Shout-out for “Oh No” by up and coming hip-hop artist Pillowface. He brings his own unique flair to his music which he composes and produces either solely himself or with his close collaboraters.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and The Weekend then Pillowface will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to his track “Oh No” right here…

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Shout-Out for “ICE” by Lil Kelvo

Shout-Out for “ICE” by up and coming rap artist Lil Kelvo. This is a dynamic track showcasing impressive wordplay skills.

If you enjoy music from artists such as G Herbo Future and Drake then Lil Kelvo will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to this track right here…

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Cardi B's 'Up' Hits No. 1 on Top Triller U.S. Chart Within Nearly A Month of Release!

Cardi B’s ‘Up’ Hits No. 1 on Top Triller U.S. Chart Within Nearly A Month of Release!

Recently, the song “Up” has brought Cardi B to the top of the Triller U.S. Chart, helping this singer achieve more remarkable achievements in the US-UK music industry. It is widely known that the US Triller chart is considered to be very difficult to achieve for a music product in the shortest time, especially when Cardi B has only released this song within a month again or so.

Accordingly, “Up” released in early February 2021 is Cardi B’s latest single. This is her first single since the hit “WAP” in conjunction with Megan Thee Stallion was released last year,excluding the vocal contributions in Black Pink’s “Bet You Wanna” or “Me Gusta” by Anitta. In just a short time, “Up” has also won many prestigious awards and entered the top of the world Billboard music charts. The song currently has more than 50 million views on Youtube and is expected to soon reach 100 million in 2021.

In an online exchange, Cardi B introduced this song as “more aggressive and arrogant” than most of her previous productions. In the Hip-hop tune with a fast tempo, the female rapper tells about sexy conquests, lavish riches and girls who cannot catch up with her in a series of ear-catching rap versions.

Cardi B is known to everyone as a famous singer-rapper in the US-UK music industry. Originally starting her career as a dancer, after a hard time and effort to practice vocal and dance, Cardi B has become a professional singer who is loved much by the world audience.

Ed Sheeran Reunites With Ghetts On The Album Conflict Of Interest

Ed Sheeran Reunites With Ghetts On The Album “Conflict Of Interest”

After 10 years since the duet “Drown Me Out”, singer Ed Sheeran has just reunited with Ghetts for a new song on the rapper’s third disc titled “Conflict Of Interest”. The product was released at noon 19/2. 

“Conflict Of Interest” is the third studio album by rapper Ghetts, continuing to exploit the more subtle aspects of the male artist’s personality since the project “Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament” was released in 2018. As the title says, all 16 songs of “Conflict Of Interest” revolve around internal conflicts of the male artist himself.

The album “Conflict Of Interest” tells about the inner conflicts of rapper Ghetss himself.

In an interview on the NME news site, Ghetts  said that some of the topics he mentioned on this disc include his personal feelings, suffering, fatherly love, black stories and past stumbles.

The album “Conflict Of Interest” has the participation of many famous British artists such as: Pa Salieu, Stormzy, Giggs, Dave, Skepta, Jaykae, Emeli Sandé, Wretch 32 and Moonchild Sanelly. The most special is the appearance of the vocalist Ed Sheeran with the song “10000 Tears” about the regrets for a lost love. Reportedly, the owner of the hit “Shape Of You” and Ghetts worked together on a dramatic 2011 song titled “Drown Me Out”, on the album “No.” 5 Collaborations Project” by Ed Sheeran.

The album Conflict Of Interest marks the ten-year reunion of Ghetts and Ed Sheeran

Talking about his reunion after a decade with Ed Sheeran, Ghetts revealed that he sent out an invitation to him to feature in the Ballad “10000 Tears” while his colleague was on his way to Japan for his vacation. 

As for Ed Sheeran, it seems that the male singer is ready to return after a long hiatus since the success of the album “Divide (÷)” in 2017 and the world tour “Divide Tour”. In his 30th birthday post on February 17, Ed Sheeran suddenly announced that he would release the next album later this year. 

Expert wordsmith Witnezz releases “So Official”

Storytelling is the heart of great rapping, and a rappers voice is their instrument. Not just for the rythmn and tone they create, but for the story they tell.

As I listen to “So Offical” by Witnezz, I feel inspired by his poetically, melodic performance, and clear, intelligible lyrics.

This artist is an expert wordsmith, weaving a story, creating vivid imagery in the minds eye through his words and a feel-good vibe through his tone.

An intriguing sounding synth riff opens the song and my curiosity is sparked. A boisterous “Ok, ok, OK!” before the first verse creates an enthusiastic energy, and I enjoy his passionate performance.

As an artist, Witnezz is constantly pushing the barriers of common practices and testing new material. I enjoy his distinct and unique sound, which create a high-energy, feel-good soundscape when combined with his zealous vocals.

Witnezz is an independent hip-hop artist, who was born and raised in Detroit. In 2017 he founded the music label, Payton Place Entertainment.

His label is home to a wide catalogue of music, as well as multiple artists. He has also developed and signed many up and coming artists, even given them a home, tutoring, and education on how to succeed in the music industry. An inspirational artist and human being.

This track will please a variety of listeners, who can enjoy this song on the dance floor or rapping along with Witnezz. If you like music from artists such as 2Pac, and Boosie Badazz, then Witnezz will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Drakeo The Ruler Is Still Making Music While Awaiting Trial

You might have already heard the phrase “this telephone call may be monitored or recorded” which may quite be dreading to hear. But who would have thought that this actual phrase will turn to a thrilling work of art? This was what Drakeo The Ruler created as he recorded his new entire album through a telephone call inside the jail while waiting for his trial.

The Case

Drakeo with full name Darrell Caldwell was arrested way back January of 2017 when a fellow party-goer in Carson, California was killed by a gunshot. At the trial, the state prosecutors presented Drakeo’s lyrics and music video as evidence for the crime. This “evidence” impugned his character and portray the Stinc Team – his rap crew as a gang. The said evidence were shell casings found in the crime scene similar to the casings used on his music video for “Chunky Monkey.”

Although he was acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges in July 2019, the case was refiled with two charges of shooting from motor vehicle and criminal gang theory, thus awaiting trial. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Drakeo’s trial schedule keeps on getting hold and rescheduled.

Making Music Amid Jail

Drakeo The Ruler created his newest album “Thank You for Using GTL”, inside the prison by recording his songs through GTL phone calls. GTL is a California telephone service that allows inmates to make phone calls. Thus Drakeo’s album kicks off with a prerecorded message by GTL which adds to the thrilling and exciting feel.

With the help of Drakeo’s producer, JoogSZN, the rapper’s voice turned from radio quality sound into a crystal clear whisper in the ears partnered with cool and spacious beats. His lyrics were focused on the hard reality of life which in turn perfect to what the world is facing right now.

Music of Perfect Timing

The release of Drakeo’s new album recorded from jail is perfectly timed with one of the hardest time in the world. Other than the coronavirus pandemic, the United States of America specifically faces a different kind of human crisis that burns humanity bits by bits, especially for the black community. The injustice and police brutality protest currently happening is a perfect example of what hard reality of life is as depicted by Drakeo’s art of music created inside the jail while awaiting his trial.