Cutting edge band, Sorry It’s Over, releases their third single, “Am I Better”.

Sorry It’s Over is the musical child of Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella, two young men from Encinitas, California, who were bandmates in high-school, business partners, and now, bandmates once again.

Committed to their life-long passion, music, they built a DIY recording studio in a twelve by twelve foot box, where they have been continually collaborating since 2019.

Sorry It’s Over are a mythical combination, exploring undiscovered soundscapes and creating cutting edge music.

As I listen to their (soon to be) next release “Am I Better”, I am immediately bewitched. I adore the powerful introduction of feel-good, nostalgic guitar, which produces an excited and euphoric sensation.

“Am I Better” was written at a time of uncertainty and doubt in Sam Adgate’s life. This feeling of unease is conveyed expertly, through elegant musical intricacies, blended with raspy, emotive vocals, questioning “Am I Better than I was before?”.

Keep an eye out for the release of “Am I Better” on October 9th! In the meantime enjoy their two latest singles here:

If you enjoy music from artists such as The Strokes, and The Frights, then Sorry It’s Over will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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