Impressive wordplay and witty lyrics in “Stereotypical Angry Black Guy” by Spaceman

Spaceman is an emcee, songwriter and producer who considers music as a vehicle through which he is able to express himself in an artistic manner. Music has the capacity to share feelings, emotions, ideas, like no other channel.

Exploring and cultivating rhythms, textures and phrases through music allows Spaceman to reveal aspects of himself, that he could normally not communicate.

His recent EP release “Fascist Utopia”, is a biting rap project that has been described as political fueled. However, for Spaceman, his music is purely a reflection of the society he lives in.

The third song from his EP, titled “Stereotypical Angry Black Guy” is an amusing and literary witty narration considering the deficiency we have as a human race in our unhealthy relationship to financial gain. Greed, lust and exploitation.

An old school 90s’ style hip-hop beat introduces the song joined by a mellow subwoofer pulsing in the background, which creates a playful, bouncy soundscape.

Spaceman raps with an incredible flow, a continuous stream of witty rhythmical phrasing, unfolding a vivid story in your mind’s eye.

He incorporates the use of alliteration which heightens the senses like a sharp drum beat.

Spaceman is an impressive literary craftsman whose powerful lyrics join seamlessly together, exciting and intriguing the listener with witty narration.

His presented fearless attitude reflects exactly the message he delivers in the chorus; “we don’t give a fuck, oh!”.

An exceptional storyteller, Spaceman hypnotises listeners with his charismatic tones and breathtaking performance.

Music is the one thing that Spaceman believes in, he has quoted; “When you live in a world like ours, that seems to take pleasure in undermining whatever you expect from it, the prospect of building your own cultural atmosphere becomes pretty compelling”.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Danny Brown and Run the Jewels, then Spaceman will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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