Intense and provoking track “We Should’ve Listened to the Unabomber” by The Suspect Allegedly

Nick Downing, aka The Suspect Allegedly, reivented himself as a solo artist and has just released a thought provoking and intensely emotional new track. “We Should’ve Listened to the Unabomber”.

This is a serious topic and Suspect has composed an impactful song to convey his thoughts and feelings on the subject.

Suspect draws the listener in almost immediately with a rapid increase of energy delivering fascinating vocal layers and reverbs.

This technique provokes intense emotions of confusion and panic. A perfectly set atmosphere considering the subject matter.

Suspect collaborated with rapper Koncept Jackson for this project and their varying styles intertwining with one another produces a powerful effect.

There are three very distinct changes and highlights throughout the song, leading the listener on a unique and impressive musical journey.

Around 1.30 min into the track Suspect takes the lead and turns the focus to his thought-provoking lyrics, delivered with perfectly intelligible words, and an anthemic chorus; “we live in Futurama, they used to tell us that the future ours, we should’ve listened to the Unabomber, but we listened to computer bloggers, now we’re just consumer shopping”.

Suspect is an excellent wordsmith and his lyrical delivery is poetically performed with an easy and catchy rhythm that stays with you for hours after.

The finale to the song has an eerie atmosphere as a synthesized voice speaks of artificial intelligence within a trippy sci-fi soundscape.

The Suspect Allegedly

Suspect has said that anything can inspire him to write a song, the inspiration for this song came after watching a documentary about the Unabomber.

Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber) believed that technology had disconnected humankind from nature. He opposed this and stated that technology along with an industrialized society effectively destroys human freedom.

Although his actions were flawed and violent, Suspect releated to the issues and rights he was fighting for, and felt there was an importance in Kaczynski messages that we should have listened to.

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