Is Ted Nugent’s New Video Really Back On The Charts?

Music has the power not only to set the mood or to uplift us when we are sad or when we feel down. It also has the power to influence us in the way we think or the way we see things in life. It can be said that you can even educate ourselves about what is happening in the world today through music. The lyrics that each songwriter makes reflect their deepest thought and opinions on certain matters at the moment or even on things which are mostly the subject of controversy in society. Many artists come to mind who do not only perform songs but really use their platforms to express their opinions. Some might find it annoying or intimidating. But that is just how they are.

The Fame of Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent got his fame first as the lead guitarist of the famous band The Amboy Dukes. They were founded in the year 1963. This singer, song-writer is also known not just for their hard rock performances but his song which has well deep meanings and reflections. After The Amboy Dukes was disbanded, Nugent then decided to go solo. This is where his songwriting really came to life. He later became famous not only in the United States of America but also in the world. To the earlier generations, he has made the music even better.

However, since fame does not last forever unless you have a grand slam on successive recognitions and awards from the music community, the new and younger generations now hardly remember Ted Nugent or some do not even know his name at all.

His Great Come Back

With a simple click of your fingers, you can easily find Ted Nugent. These days, people are always online and it is impossible to miss things that create a buzz in the social network. Ted Nugent made his comeback, as what some people say in 2020. A video was uploaded on Facebook which led again to the instant fame of Ted Nugent. The rocker was seen performing along with other artists as well. However, his performance was particularly put in the spotlight because the song he performed was said to have touched topics that are political such as the US Elections. Also, one reason he is on top of the charts is that his song shared some of his podcasts on Spirit Campfire.