Not Today – Makin Bakin / Euphoric Disco Vibes Inspire & Delight

Meet Makin Bakin:

Berlin-based producer and DJ, Makin Bakin, has returned with another show-stopping disco-house track, “Not Today”.

Makin Bakin is the solo project of Wolfram von Dobschütz, a highly experienced and talented DJ who entered the world of disco-house in 2020, under his disco alter-ego, “Makin Bakin”.

Wolfram told us: “I always liked the funky soul and disco music of the 70s, from Motown and Northern Soul to Saturday Night Fever. I also love contemporary club music (especially house). So, it was obviously a good idea to combine everything into one.”

In January 2021, Makin Bakin launched his weekly DJ show, Disco Duesdays. This broadcast is to inspire the online dance community to come together and celebrate with groovy beats and exhilarating sounds.

His newest track “Not Today” is an inspirational song helping people stay positive in these difficult times. This can be a challenge for some people, especially during pandemic times, when there is a large amount of anger and negativity. The simple message here is to stay happy and don’t let others bring you down.

Not Today:

“Not Today” is a disco-infused high-energy house track that we absolutely love! This uplifting, feel-good song will have your feet tapping and body grooving with its irresistible upbeat rhythm and anthemic lyrics.

A powerful and impressive vocal performance captivates listeners and you won’t be able to resist singing along with the inspirational sassy chorus, “Not today, you can’t take my joy today, no not today. Not today, I found my inner peace to say, no, not today”.

Multiple layers of varying electronic beats and sound effects produce a spectacular soundscape. These feel-good sonic waves produce a major body-mind buzz that lifts listeners into a high state of euphoria.

“Not Today” has some serious attitude to it and it’s the perfect way to cast off any pessimistic energy and claim, not today! Today, you can refuse to let other people’s negativity bring you down.

Turn this track up, ignite your soul and dance away the blues with this irresistible disco-house track. If you enjoy music from artists such as Purple Disco Machine and The Shapeshifters, then Makin Bakin will fit perfectly on your disco-house playlist.

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