Powerful and hypnotic “Roentgen” by Sonic Radiation

Todd Last is the inspiration and genius behind Sonic Radiation, a one-man exploration into the sonic land of techno and trance, pursuing new and unchartered soundscapes.

Todd’s passion for electronic music was sparked in college, he was so astounded at the unique and intriguing sounds that he just had to make his own!

However, a tragic accident in the oceans of Hawaii left him with a severe spinal cord injury, and Todd had to regain the ability to just be able to function in everyday life.

His passion to create electronic music pushed his recovery forward, and regaining the ability to produce music was an important step early on in his healing programme.

Todd experimented for two years to cultivate high-energy dance music that eloquently combines trance and techno beats, and he hopes to express his reverence and belief for electronic dance music through his compositions.

His most recent release, “Roentgen”, is an energetic, captivating track emitting electromagnetic waves of sonic energy into the mind and body, increasing listeners vibrations to a higher frequency.

This track opens and we are immediately hit with intense bass beats which submerge the listener in a bath of EDM ecstasy.

The ceaseless up-tempo 4/4 beat pushes the track forward, enchanting our bodies to move uncontrollably, endlessly pushing, elevating listeners to a state of euphoria.

Futuristic sounds weave hypnotic melodies, that expertly dance around one another, creating an ecstatic soundscape.

This is a powerful track, full of intensity and fire, it will be a perfect addition to any, dance, party or workout playlist.

Todd has a vision towards the future of electronic music, which is clearly communicated through his impressive compositions, which not only excite the body, but also elevate the mind to an alternate state.

His influences and inspiration stem from a number of sci-fi movies such as Star Wars, and noteworthy bands such as Depeche Mode and Astral Projection. Todd told us; “I think my style kind of happens by making a sound that takes the best of what I like, enjoy, and hear as a fan”.

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