Sensitive and captivating “What’s on Ya Mind?” by James Storch

James Storch

James Storch is a multi-talented singer and songwriter from Flushing, New York, who has been inspired and moved by music since the young age of five years old.

His debut Spotify release, “What’s on Ya Mind?” has already exceeded 20k streams, and it’s easy to see why.

The song commences and we are instantly intrigued and beguiled by James’ soaringly seductive vocals, which are performed with an enticing sensuality that stays with you for hours after, teasing you to return for more of his delicious tones.

James has an impressive vocal ability, he sings with fierce intensity and his performance feels passionate and raw, with an appealing tone which makes him a pleasure to listen to.

“What’s on Ya Mind?” is a sensitive and affectionate song with a danceable mid-tempo and soulful r&b melody.

This song was inspired by the ending of a long term relationship. James couldn’t eat or sleep for days and was suffering immense heartbreak and sadness.

He finally sat down and allowed his creative expression to release his heartache and confusion into this song. James has said, “I just went with the flow, and it flowed beautifully.” The result is an excellent track which will connect with many people.

We can all relate to certain problems in relationships, a lack of communication can cause many difficulties, and James focuses on the importance of being truthful and upfront with the person you are with.

James cherishes the ability to express himself through music, his first experience with this realization was when he heard his father singing along to “Traces” by Classics IV. He did not understand the lyrics, but he could connect to the emotion being conveyed.

Later, in his Junior High School years, his passion for music developed further when he became involved in the school choir.

His experience with the school choir influenced his musical development greatly, and it became clear to James that singing and songwriting was his true passion.

The dedication and love that James has for music can be clearly heard in his performance, which is gentle yet hypnotic.

James incorporates his real-life experiences and feelings into his music, he artistically crafts these tales into relatable and moving musical compositions.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Bruno Mars and The Weekend then James Storch will fit perfectly on your playlist. A talented musician and performer, he is definitely set for great things.

James Storch

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