Soaring vocals and unforgettable melodies in “Imperfections” by Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals is a rock-pop band from the San Francisco, Bay area, who are captivating audiences with their unique music and breathtakingly beautiful vocals.

Their most recent release “Imperfections”, is a sentimental composition which will connect with listeners on a deep level, pulling at your heartstrings.

This song has been inspired by those “imperfections” that we may criticize and dislike about ourselves. However, these attributes are what make us special and one of a kind.

“Imperfections”, tells us we should learn to love and accept these special, quirky differences, because they are what make us truly unique and beautiful.

The song opens with a mid-tempo emotive melody rising from the drums and guitar which creates a hypnotic atmosphere.

As Rebecca Capriulo begins to sing, listeners are captivated by her hauntingly beautiful vocals, as she welcomes you in, bewitching our hearts and charming our minds.

Rebecca has an exceptional vocal ability with a sweet and alluring tone which is an absolute delight to listen to.

Deeply moving lyrics tell a poetic story which engages and moves the listener, such as; “The one that stirs and blurs my vision, the image that leaves me with perfect indecision, come on let’s go find beauty in your chaos”.

The steady rise and fall in this song keeps the listener totally absorbed, with slow sentimental rises and expressive musical and vocal high points.

The combination of Rebecca’s impressive vocals with the hypnotic multi-instrumental melodies is completely intoxicating. This fascinating song will stay with you for hours after, reminding you to return for more.

The band was formed by Zach McFadden in 2015, consisting of other band members; Rebecca Capriulo (Vocals), Zach McFadden (Guitar), Andy Lindquist (Bass), and Jonathan Quen (Drums). This impressive band of artists all come from varied musical education and experiences.

Rebecca and Jonathon have come from a musical background in church choirs, while Zach was playing in reggae and rock bands, and Andy was rocking it out with heavy metal bands for years.

Somehow, this group of diverse artists fuses together like magic, developing a unique sound for themselves, producing a perfect balance between soaring vocals, delicate harmonies, captivating melodies and epic guitar riffs.

They are creating some seriously noteworthy music, and this band is sure to charm any listener. If you enjoy music from artists such as Turnover and Alvvays, then Mixed Signals will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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