Sultry tones and sexy vibes in “Fall Back” by The Vibe

The Vibe

The Vibe is a singer and songwriter who captivates and entices listeners with his sparkling clean and passionate vocals, which are reminiscent of Michael Jackson in texture and tone.

His new release “Fall Back” is a sexy track with sultry tones which have an addictively memorable melody, that will stick with you for hours after, teasing you to return for more.

The Vibe sings with a velvety smooth and seductive quality to his voice, which is a pleasure to listen to, and listeners will delight in singing along to his catchy lyrics, such as; “It’s that type of love you need, it’s that type of touch you seek, everything happened in the week, how’d you end up in my sheets”.

The Vibe told us; “I want to create music that resonates with peoples souls, I don’t want them to ever forget me, and that’s selfish but I want them to remember the feeling of listening to my music now and a long time from now”.

This talented singer-songwriter became interested in music after a tragic accident in which he almost lost his life. His condition was critical for some time and it was unsure whether he would survive.

During this time, listening to music and being around his family were the only two things which brought him hope.

Music took over his soul, it became an obsession for him, and while lying in bed, waiting to recover, all he could do was eat, sleep and listen to music.

Finally, he was able to move again, and he began to sing much more, now music was a part of him, intertwined into his soul.

His entrance into the unknown world of professional music was not an easy one. He had no experience and no guidance and many obstacles stood in his way.

One day a friend introduced him to the music-making program, FL Studio. From then on, creating music became much easier and fun and The Vibe has evolved into a captivating artist.

The Vibe’s love and passion for music are expressed through his soulful performances and compositions. He impresses listeners with soaring vocals and vibrant melodies which connect with listeners on a deep level and leave a lingering impression.

If you enjoy music from artists such as The Weekend and Ariana Grande then The Vibe will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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