Pitchfork’s Best New Albums Of 2020

Pitchfork has lined up their best albums for 2020. Pitchfork is an American online music magazine. It concentrates mainly on new music, which is mostly created by various indie artists. But they also welcome new songs from other famous artists. Also, those that would pass their standards and surveys.

How did pitchfork line up their best new albums

Pitchfork is conducted by online journalists that review various new songs. Pitchfork would conduct surveys on different and score songs based on ratings. They would rate it from zero being the lowest and ten being the highest. The score will be based on the submission of all their employees. These employees will base their ratings on what they feel about the song. If they think that the song is good for them, then they would place that song as the best of Pitchfork, lining it up as one of the best new albums in the decade.

So what is the best of Pitchfork this 2020? We have here the top-rated albums for this 2020.

Fiona Apple – Fetch the Bolt Cutters

This album has garnered a perfect 100 score in the chart this 2020. Fiona Apple’s songs are more on a country type with an indie touch. It also has a slow but building pop rock formation. The combination of instruments and how they arranged in the song is remarkable. Fiona has a gentle, relaxing voice. There is not much tension and beltings but remained in her soothing voice. It’s one of the most daring songs ending up with a staggering high pitched voice.

Perfume Genius – Set My Heart on Fire Immediately

Second, on the line that scored 90 on the chart is the Set My Heart on Fire Immediately by Perfume Genius. It started with a mysterious introduction. The backing music is a simple sustained reed organ type at the beginning with a soothing, mysterious 70’s voice. Making the song sound like it was created in the ’60s and ’70s. If you haven’t noticed it, you might say it’s not a new song.

Bob Dylan – Rough and Rowdy Ways

The legendary Bob Dylan made it to their third spot scoring 90 in his song Rough and Rowdy Ways. The 79-year-old legend still kicks hard in his astonishing voice. We have known him in his glory days, but he is not done yet and even tops the chart as one of the best.