Aquarius Purple by Marcus Machado / A true expression of artistry

Aquarius Purple by Marcus Machado / A true expression of artistry

Marcus Machado:

Marcus Machado is an extraordinary instrumentalist who has been playing the guitar since he picked it up at 2 years old and is completely self-taught.

To say this guy is talented is an understatement. His musical intricacies are delivered with such finesse that we are left mesmerised and delighted at his genius.

He tantalises our sensations by continuously expanding and developing his compositions. Musically he is not constrained within one genre but offers his listeners expressions in blues, funk, soul, hip-hop, rap and rock.

Aquarius Purple

His debut album Aquarius Purple clearly marks his place within the hierarchy of musicians.

As the album opens Machado plays a seductive blues-infused rhythm on his electric guitar and we are instantly mesmerised and fascinated.

Aquarius Purple is a unique expression of a truly exceptional artist. His compositions are raw and it feels as though he is expressing the deepest depths of his soul.

The album takes us through a captivating journey of varying styles. From epic instrumental solo’s in his song “Tomorrow Never Knows” to sultry and soulful vocals in “Black Psychedelic Funk”. This album will inspire and delight any listener.

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Shout-Out for “2Bodies1Soul” by Rocky

Rock is a singer-songwriter, lyricist and rapper who developed a passion for music at a young age and made his first studio recording at 11 years old. When he released a tribute to the late Zachary Hammond, murdered by police, it went viral on Facebook and gained him his first real attention.

One of his most popular songs to date is “2Bodies1Soul”, a sentimental hip-hop jam with a refreshing injection of blues.

If you enjoy music from artists such as J Cole and Mac Miller, then Rocky will fit perfectly on your playlits.

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