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SHOUT-OUT for “What’s on Ya Mind?” by James Storch

James Storch is a singer/songwriter who has been inspired by music from a very young age. “What’s on Ya Mind?” is a feel-good, upbeat track with influences of pop and RnB. If you enjoy music from artists such as Bruno Mars and Usher, then James Storch will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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SHOUT-OUT for “scared of the dark” by FAMES!

FAMES is an LA-based band consisting of three members, Ian Johnson, Wesley Chandler and Blair Heumann. Their music is a feel-good, modern-day pop sound, infused with 80’s style big synthesizers, and seductive vocals. Their latest release, “scared of the dark” is about those heart-wrenching nights of loneliness after a relationship has ended. Endless nights spent awake with a glass of something, trying to ease the pain. If you enjoy music from artist such as Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, then FAMES will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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