An intense and moving music video by Chima Anya, “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me”

I believe many people will connect with the message in this song, “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me” by Chima Anya.

On the exterior our lives may appear successful and happy, however, even when we have all that culture deems satisfactory for a joyful life, there can still be an atmosphere of despair, of being misplaced, a heaviness in our hearts that cannot be explained.

I was touched and impressed by Chima Anya’s music video, “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me”.

Melancholy piano music plays as Anya appears on the screen gazing vacantly into the mirror. This image generated an intense despondent feeling within me. Powerful and moving.

Whilst the song evolves Anya’s word-play grows more heated and volatile, conveying the despair and confusion that he endures. This burst of intensity in the song is accompanied by unstable driving around the roads of London, which heightens the ferocity.

A beautifully, emotive, melancholy song. If you enjoy music from artists such as J.Cole and Logic, then Chima Anya is definitely for you.