Drakeo The Ruler

Drakeo The Ruler Is Still Making Music While Awaiting Trial

You might have already heard the phrase “this telephone call may be monitored or recorded” which may quite be dreading to hear. But who would have thought that this actual phrase will turn to a thrilling work of art? This was what Drakeo The Ruler created as he recorded his new entire album through a telephone call inside the jail while waiting for his trial.

The Case

Drakeo with full name Darrell Caldwell was arrested way back January of 2017 when a fellow party-goer in Carson, California was killed by a gunshot. At the trial, the state prosecutors presented Drakeo’s lyrics and music video as evidence for the crime. This “evidence” impugned his character and portray the Stinc Team – his rap crew as a gang. The said evidence were shell casings found in the crime scene similar to the casings used on his music video for “Chunky Monkey.”

Although he was acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges in July 2019, the case was refiled with two charges of shooting from motor vehicle and criminal gang theory, thus awaiting trial. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Drakeo’s trial schedule keeps on getting hold and rescheduled.

Making Music Amid Jail

Drakeo The Ruler created his newest album “Thank You for Using GTL”, inside the prison by recording his songs through GTL phone calls. GTL is a California telephone service that allows inmates to make phone calls. Thus Drakeo’s album kicks off with a prerecorded message by GTL which adds to the thrilling and exciting feel.

With the help of Drakeo’s producer, JoogSZN, the rapper’s voice turned from radio quality sound into a crystal clear whisper in the ears partnered with cool and spacious beats. His lyrics were focused on the hard reality of life which in turn perfect to what the world is facing right now.

Music of Perfect Timing

The release of Drakeo’s new album recorded from jail is perfectly timed with one of the hardest time in the world. Other than the coronavirus pandemic, the United States of America specifically faces a different kind of human crisis that burns humanity bits by bits, especially for the black community. The injustice and police brutality protest currently happening is a perfect example of what hard reality of life is as depicted by Drakeo’s art of music created inside the jail while awaiting his trial.