Hate Me Like You Hate Yourself

Unique and untamed “Hate Me As You Hate Yourself” by KOFN Underground

As I listen to the new song, “Hate Me Like You Hate Yourself” by KOFN Underground, I am astounded by the originality and untamed expressiveness of this artist.

There is a feeling of complete and pure expression, both musically, and vocally. Each piece of the song perfectly represents the story behind it.

This song was written as a reflection of past turbulent relationships, where issues of control and insecurity were prevalent.

The listener is drawn into the emotions of this song through powerful lyrics such as “I despise the way you make me live”, performed with profound intensity and hauntingly hypnotic vocals.

Feelings of frustration, resentment and disgust are injected into the listener through each intricate piece of vocal, lyrical and musical compilation.

A unique and explosive soundscape engages the listener with an undefined genre applying elements of gothic rock, death metal, electro-pop and 80’s synth-pop.

Glenn Alan Lee Davis created KOFN Underground with the aim to have complete expressive freedom, he has quoted “There will be no rules to what will be created”. And he is staying true to his word.

His new release, “Hate Me Like You Hate Yourself” will be available on Spotify from 23rd October.

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