Phil Elam

Escape into party bliss with Phil Elam’s “Rodeo Boys”!

Phil Elam is a multi-talented award-winning musician and filmmaker from Detroit, Michigan. Elam has had a love and passion for music and movies for as long as he can remember.

As a young boy growing up in Detroit he encountered numerous violent situations, where he got his “ass” handed to him. Thankfully Elam could always find comfort in his private world of music and movies.

What does Elam love about his art? The ability to forget your worries and troubles and momentarily escape into euphoric musical bliss.

Elam has a fantastic way of activating this escapism with his music and “Rodeo Boys” is all about joyous, carefree celebration, and the liberating feeling of unconditional love.

I enjoy the song’s intro of cowboy sound effects which amuses and intrigues the listener. As the song develops we discover multiple combined musical layers of big synthesizers and intense bass beats, which create a diverse soundscape.

This song is extremely entertaining and I appreciate the humorous lyrics such as; “If you want a Rodeo boy, rise up jump for joy, if you want this Rodeo Boy, tie me up I’ll be your toy!”

Elam also has another passion, and one of his main goals is to help society advance in a co-operative and positive manner through charitable giving. He is already turning this goal into reality by donating profit from two hit singles to charitable funds.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and Justin Bieber, then Phil Elam will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Phil’s Elam’s “The Electric Glide” is bursting with excitement!

When Phil Elam received the news that he had been offered a role in an upcoming feature film he was buzzing with uncontrolled exhilaration, who wouldn’t… right? Excitement bubbling out of him he wrote “The Electric Glide”.

As I listen to this song I can easily hear the excitement bursting out, it is filled with feel-good, carefree energy, and I am swept up by this contagious enthusiasm.

The song combines different styles of 80’s sounds, blended with more modern Hip-Hop, and splashes of EDM for that unique and impressive soundscape, which seems to be a key force in Elam’s music.

With high-energy and groovy vibes, listeners will be drawn to the dance floor to join in Elam’s joyous celebration! 

Music influences us in so many different ways and Elam is applying his art to create positive change within the society through his charitbale work.

After the success of two hit singles “Love is Louder” and “With You All the Way”, he kindly donated the songs profits to “The Tree of Life Synagogue” in Pittsburg, after a tragic shooting, and to “Forgotten Harvest” as food relief aid for those affected by COVID-19. 

This sort of generous action is much needed within our society, and it is Elam’s hope to help move our communities forward in a united, positive manner.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Drake and Justin Bieber then Phil Elam will fit perfectly on your playlist. 

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