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Shout-Out for “2Bodies1Soul” by Rocky

Rock is a singer-songwriter, lyricist and rapper who developed a passion for music at a young age and made his first studio recording at 11 years old. When he released a tribute to the late Zachary Hammond, murdered by police, it went viral on Facebook and gained him his first real attention.

One of his most popular songs to date is “2Bodies1Soul”, a sentimental hip-hop jam with a refreshing injection of blues.

If you enjoy music from artists such as J Cole and Mac Miller, then Rocky will fit perfectly on your playlits.

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Shout-Out for “Handle It” by Quelz

Quelz is a singer-songwriter and rapper who has been involved in music since a young boy of five years old. He gained his initial inspiration from making up songs with his late father and freestyling for hours at the end of school every day.

His most recent release, “Handle It”, is about heartbreak and a string of unhealthy relationships Quelz was enduring throughout a certain time in his life. His pain is articulated through his music. 

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Shout-Out for “Civilian” by Pablo*Patron

Pablo*Patron is a songwriter and rapper who has been interested in music since he was a young boy. He first began rapping in middle school but didn’t start recording until college. After he recorded his first song he was hooked and continued to make music.

His track “Civilian” is from his latest album release Independent and showcases Pablo*Patron’s impressive wordplay and performance skill.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Travis Scott and Polo G then Pablo*patron will fit perfecly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Bad Bitch” by Khyy DaReason

Khyy DaReason grew up in Adel, Georgia, with the dream of pursuing what he loves most, music. Khyy prides himself on being a genuine and authentic artist. This year, he plans to continue perfecting his talent and sharing more music with his fans.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Gucci Mane and Foogiano, then Khyy DaReason will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Impressively infectious and thrilling track “Intruder Alert” by J Carlyle

J Carlyle is a multi-talented artist, rapper, songwriter, storyteller and poet who appeared on the scenes in 2020 and has been gaining serious momentum ever since.

Growing up, Carlyle always loved music and immersed himself in old school dub and lovers rock which helped him to understand the emotions behind different genres. His musical and lyrical talents emerged at a young age and by 15 yrs old he was writing his own songs and performing as a Grime MC.

His influences stem from the likes of Wretch32, Kendrick Lamar, System Of A Down and Vybz Kartel, but his heart is strongly placed with the reggae, dancehall and RnB genres.

Carlyle’s debut and now acclaimed EP Calculating the If’s secured his status as a notable artist and deals with sensitive issues of mental health. Carlyle quoted: “I consider myself an advocate for Mental Health because it’s a topic which is extremely close to me. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum from working in one of the largest mental health institutions in East Midlands, looking after people from all walks of life whose mental health has deemed them a risk to society or/and their own well-being. I myself have suffered with mental health issues also. This journey prompted me to work with Channel 4 and local council to create a music programme for the youth.”

He went on to release three more singles after this EP; “Man of Action”, “Forever Girl”, in which he collaborated with legendary producer Mantra, and “Pressures of Precious” an impressive and powerful spoken-word piece accompanied by a jazzy keyboard from Luma Sounds.

Carlyle has just released his much anticipated newest single “Intruder Alert”, which showcases a new musical diversity and expansion for this impressive artist.

Sirens sound an alarm as the song opens and we are quickly enveloped in a multi-layered soundscape which thrills and entices the senses. An irresistible funky beat, groovy melody, and captivating vocals are the winning recipe for this show stopper of a track.

Reggae, grime, dancehall and RnB blend spectacularly together in this upbeat and exciting song, which showcases Carlyle’s extraordinary talents as a rapper and singer-songwriter.

Rhythm and rhyme merge harmoniously together as Carlyle regales us with an amusing tale of seduction through poetic lyrics such as; “So what’s a man to do, with a stranger in the view, she waan come ina mi room, mek mi cum ina di womb, from me enter, know seh mi fallin to mi doom, ina di centre, Pharaoh to di tomb”.

Carlyle’s silky smooth vocals are a delight to listen to, with a soulful and alluring tone which will charm any listener.

This tracks irresistibly groovy melody will have your head bobbing spontaneously and your body grinding. It’s completely infectious and this catchy, memorable track will stay with you for a long time after, reminding you to return for more of his thrilling tunes.

This single release is just the beginning of an exciting year ahead for Carlyle, who also has several new tracks geared up for release and plans to publish a book of poems and give spoken word performances. We are excited to follow this noteworthy artist on his journey into establishing himself as a major force on the UK rap scene and much more.

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Shout-Out for “Baraka” by Dramatik!

Joshua Gage Ferguson aka Dramatik! is an independent hip-hop artist, rapper, singer-songwriter and member of the hip-hop group “Midwest Establishment” located in Jefferson City, Missouri.

His latest release “Baraka” is a Mortal Kombat themed track featuring AKTHESAVIOR from “The Underachievers” with heavy hitting punch lines, MK references and bass.

If you enjoy mudsic from artists such as Mac Miller and The Underachievers, then Dramatik! will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Taki” by 4Lo

4Lo started making music at the young age of 14 during his incarceration after a run-in with the law. He discovered he was a natural with wordplay and intriguing rhyme schemes. He dropped his first mixtape titled “Stand for Something Volume One” under the artist name “Uncle Mello”.

Since 2015 he has opened 2 recording studios and made his stamp on the local scene. His recent release “Taki” is from his latest EP “FourEver”.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Jack Harlow and Sauce Walka then 4Lo will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Indestructible” by Montu Mercury

Montu Mercury is a rapper and songwriter who was attracted to hip-hop music in his younger years whilst growing up in the 90s’. He was lucky enough to receive hands on musical experience direct from mentors within his culture.

Montu has stayed consistent over the years dropping back to back singles and recently released his debut album “The Realm of Merc”. His track “Indestructible” is a powerful song about achieving your goals, no matter what stands in your way.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Ghostemane and Haarper, then Montu Mercury will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Belief” by Jedstarrr

Jedstarrr is a music producer and singer-songwriter from Brooklyn New York who has been producing music for the last decade. He first became involved in music at the age of 14 when he started drumming, now in his mid-20s, he is on a direct path to becoming one of Hip Hop’s most intriguing artists.

JedStarrr aims to inspire his fans to stay empowered through their art and his subject matters typically incorporate serious topics such as today’s political and social economy, religion, faith, and guidance. His song “Belief” is from his recent EP “So Help Me (God)” now available on al popular streaming platforms.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, then Jedstarrr will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “You’ve Got a Friend” by M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L

Ken Wright III is the creator behind M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L, a Christian hip-hop artist who dedicated his life and art to Christ in 2002. Ken grew up in a house full of music and was inspired and encouraged by his father who was a jazz pianist.

His recent release “You’ve Got a Friend” is part of M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L.’s Marinated Muzic collection. During these crazy and difficult times, it is a reminder that although the outlook seems bleak, we always have hope and a friend in Jesus.

If you enjoy artists such as Lethal Bizzle and Lecrae, then M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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