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Dan Perry charms listeners with “Coexist”.

Dan Perry is a pop artist, who has been playing acoustic guitar and singing since a young teenager. One evening a friend invited him to record at a local studio, and he was instantly hooked.

The young artist continued to spend every evening there creating and recording.

Under the artist management of Erik Azizi, Perry quickly flourished and in no time at all, he was ready to release his first single.

Eary 2020 saw the release of “Your Love Is a Heavy Dose”, which enhances the more dance-pop elements of Perry’s music.

His second release, “Coexist” is quite different. I am a huge fan of the trippy soundscape Perry has created in this new song, and as I listen, I am lured into a realm of psychedelic, electropop, with heavy synths and vocal reverb.

Perry’s tender and enticing vocals, enhance the seductive quality and develop a deep connection with the listener.

Perry wrote this song about reconnecting with an ex-lover, and, believing that they could overcome their differences, proposes they “co-exist” in the same space, and re-establish a relationship.

The song’s riveting effects display sonic similarities to that of Massive Attack and Radiohead, but with more pop-infused elements.

It’s impressive to hear the range of styles he has incorporated into these first two releases. I am curious to see what this young artist will beguile us with next? Keep an eye and an ear out folks!

If you enjoy music from artists such as Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, then Dan Perry will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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