Think About Me

Think About Me by Jamie Sparks – Soulfully Seductive and Unforgettable

Meet Jamie Sparks:

Award-winning RnB singer, songwriter and producer Jamie Sparks, has just released his newest single, “Think About Me”.

Jamie is a natural-born musician, and it seems like he has music running through his veins. As a child, he was constantly surrounded by music and grew up in a family full of musicians and singer-songwriters.

From a young age, Jamie was singing with his baptist church choir in the Preston Area Township of Nova Scotia, which is home to the largest Indigenous Black population in all of Canada. This background gave him the perfect experience to transfer into RnB in his later years, and he has been releasing music since the early 1990s.

His newest release, “Think About Me”, was inspired by a dear friend who had been struggling in a long term relationship. Jamie’s inspiration was ignited when he received the female vocal line “do you still think about me?”, after this, the rest of the song just fell into place.

Think About Me:

Soulful and seductive sounds arise as “Think About Me” commences and we are instantly immersed into irresistible mellow RnB vibes that seduce the listener to lay back, relax and sink into sonic bliss.

Jamie’s impressive vocal performance displays sensitive and captivating tones, leaving the listener hanging onto every note. He communicates deep love and intense emotion that is completely addictive and leaves a lasting impression.

Powerful emotions arise within the listener through Jamie’s intensely passionate performance and provocative lyrics, such as: “I’ve never really been that good with words. They always seem to come out wrong. What you and I had was special, and I don’t wanna blow it all away.”

Jamie has a voice that you can fall in love with, smooth like velvet and deeply soulful. He is an absolute joy to listen to, and “Think About Me” is the perfect song to add to your RnB playlist. If you enjoy music from artists such as Usher and Ne-Yo, then you will love Jamie Sparks.

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What’s next for Jamie Sparks:

Jamie has been busy this past year writing new songs and will be releasing his singles every month. Make sure to follow him on social media to stay up to date with his music.

In the meantime, Jamie has a message for all his listeners: “Pay attention to your feelings and intuition. That is your internal compass and, if you listen to it, will always point you in the right direction. Also, despite what TV or the internet may tell you, relax. There is still time, and you’ll be ok.”

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Misa activates emotional rawness in “Think About Me”.

The simple guitar introduction to “Think About Me”, immediately captures the listener’s heart. There is a sense of sadness and yearning in those first few bars of music, that draws on a deep emotional connection.

With delicate musical intricacies, and breathy, emotive vocals, Misa creates a fragile atmosphere, which connects to an emotional rawness within.

The fragility of a broken heart is not easily expressed, however, Misa has perfectly represented this quality, with elegant poetic lyrics, and a hypnotic performance.

“Think About Me” is the fifth single from the album Broken Record. In this song, Misa sings of a past love, reminiscing of the heartbreak and good times, wondering if that person still thinks of her.

This song will connect with many people, for who hasn’t reminisced of a lost love and wondered… “do they think about me?”

Misa is a singer and songwriter from London who describes music as the core of her life. Her deep passion and love for music are clearly expressed through her compositions. She will fit perfectly on a playlist between Ellie Goulding and Adele.

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