Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley’s New Album Features A Group Of All-Stars

A Star Within Stars 

As the son of the Reggae giant Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley did not just follow the steps of his father but rather made his own steps in the music industry. Ziggy, together with his siblings formed the Melody Makers soon after their father’s death. Ziggy performed with Stephen at the funeral and soon after, they formed the group with Sharon and Cedella. Even though they are carrying the surname of their father, who is known as a great artist, they still face failures and still struggles in the music industry. They realized that it is not on the name who already has but is the name you are going to make on your own journey. 

Melody Makers’ album in 1988 entitled “Conscious Party” won a Grammy award as the Best Reggae Album and broke almost all of the mainstream in the music industry that time. They incorporated reggae, rock and pop elements into this set of music in their album.  Ziggy managed to mark his own upbeat element in their songs. Their track “Tomorrow People” is one of the songs that gained so much attention and respect from all of the listeners. After so many years, they made a huge wave of supporters and followers. 

Through the years, the siblings made a record, and Ziggy went on his own. He first released his first solo album in 2003 with the title, “Dragonfly”. His next album, “Love Is My Religion” was released in 2006, and this made a huge change in his music journey. He won the Best Reggae Album of 2006 Grammy Award. He then continued to make award winning albums. His self titled 2016 album took again the award for Best Reggae Album, making way for his own record of seven Grammy award wins in the said category. 

At this moment, Ziggy Marley announces his latest new album, “More Family Time”. This new album features a set of all stars including Ben Harper, Sheryl Crow, Busta Rhymes, Tom Morello, Alanis Morissette, brother Stephen Marley, and even actress Jamie Lee Curtis to name a few. The lead single entitled “Play With Sky” will be the best part featuring the star, Ben Harper. 

“Gather the children around and have a listen to the first single [“Play With Sky”] with brother Ben Harper from my upcoming kids/family album More Family Time,” Marley posted via his Instagram with the single’s arrival on Friday. “And hey, have some fun while doing it. JAH know the children could use it in these times.”