Kess Kiss Pass? – Marie Möör & THE OTHER COLORS / Acceptance & Equality

Meet Marie Möör & The Other Colors:

Marie Möör & The Other Colors are a French electronic band, based in Paris, France, The two band members are vocalist and songwriter Marie Möör and music composer Laurent Chambert.

Marie Möör first got involved in music after she met saxaphonist and jazzman, Barney Wilen, who inspired her greatly. Laurent Chambert trained in classical piano as well as fine arts. The two make a unique and intriguing band who are cultivating raw, sensual and captivating music.

Kess Kiss Pass?

“Kess Kiss Pass?” is an electro-pop, synth driven slow tempo sultry song, with the lyrics repeated “Kess Kiss Pass?” in differing inflexions. This creates subtle variations in the intention behind the question, what’s going on?

The unique character of this song is it’s willingness to listen and accept. It opens a portal for the acceptance of differences, eventually leading us to equality.

Möör delivers a unique and hypnotic performance which you will want to return to, again and again. If you enjoy music from artists such as Fever Ray and Suicide, then Marie Möör & The Other Colors will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to “Kess Kiss Pass?” right here…

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It Ain’t Gone Well by Karl Bierbaumer / Powerful Rock Track & Inspiring Individuality

It Ain’t Gone Well by Karl Bierbaumer / Powerful Rock Track & Inspiring Individuality

Meet Karl Bierbaumer:

Singer-songwriter and producer Karl Bierbaumer has reemerged with his latest release, “It Ain’t Gone Well”, from his powerful rock EP, 3.

Karl has been passionate about music ever since he was 7 yrs old and first listened to “Get a Grip” by Aerosmith. This band became one of Karl’s biggest influences, along with Guns N Roses, Slash and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few.

Over the years, Karl played as lead guitarist in several rock bands. His unique bluesy rock riffs marked the bands sound. After a break from music, Karl resurfaced as a solo artist in 2019 and has been progressing continuously ever since.

It Ain’t Gone Well:

“It Ain’t Gone Well” is a high energy, fun and exciting rock jam. The upbeat rock melody bewitches your body into bouncing up and down like a 90s’ punk rocker.

Karl’s powerful rock guitar sound infused with a bluesy vibe applies a unique and unusual flair to his music. He performs with electrifying energy, and his raw, raspy rock vocals display intense expression.

The explosive chorus encourages listeners to sing along with Karl as his gritty voice proclaims: “It ain’t gone well, it ain’t gone well, it ain’t gone well, it ain’t gone well!”

No rock song is complete without jaw-dropping guitar riffs, and Karl definitely delivers some epic solos throughout the song. His performance will inspire any aspiring musician, and if you enjoy music from artists such as Aerosmith and Slash’s Snakepit, then Karl Bierbaumer will fit perfectly on your rock playlist.

What’s next for Karl Bierbaumer?

Karl has been working diligently on a new repertoire, and he has eight new songs waiting to be recorded and released. His next track is ready to land in Autumn, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

In the meantime, Karl has a message for all his listeners: “Stay tuned!”.

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Think Of Me by Azlo Raps / Intense Expression of Unrequited Love

Think Of Me by Azlo Raps / Intense Expression of Unrequited Love

Azlo Raps:

Hip-hop rap artist Azlo Raps has just released his latest single, “Think Of Me”, which is a captivating rap track with intense musical and vocal expression.

Azlo always had an immense passion for music and he began writing and recording music in his makeshift studio garage with his friend when he was 18 yrs old. His influences stem from a culmination of rock bands and rap artists such as; Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Lil Wayne and Eminem.

“Think Of Me” was inspired by an ex-lover that Azlo had a strong connection with. We all have that one love we can’t forget, the one that got away but is still in our thoughts. In this song, Azlo unfolds a story of desperation and intrigue.

Think Of Me:

“Think Of Me” opens with a slow tempo dreamy melody, and deep hip-hop bass beats creating an intense soundscape. An incessant subwoofer drives the song forward with a feeling of heaviness and intensity.

Azlo delivers a powerful performance communicating uneasy emotions of disgust, exasperation and frustration. His forceful and harsh tone heightens the intensity of his message as he spits the lyrics out like bullets.

Descriptive rhythmic verses create a vivid image of the unfolding story. We are given a raw and unfiltered insight into Azlo’s emotions through lyrics such as: “no need to stress I gave my best, deep down in now you upset. Leave me alone girl you obsessed. Not gonna lie, I’m unimpressed.”

This catchy rap song leaves a lasting impression on the listener and if you enjoy music from artists such as Jelly Roll and Killstation then Azlo Raps will fit perfectly on your rap playlist.

What’s next for Azlo Raps?

Azlo is pursuing his dream of becoming a popular artist and constantly striving to reach a wider audience. You can follow him on social media to see what awesome tracks he will be releasing next.

In the meantime, Azlo has an inspirational message for all his listeners: “Be yourself. If you got something on your chest, let the world know, don’t suffer in silence. Take a chance on your dreams, you only live once. Don’t regret not speaking up and hiding from who you are. You make an impact, whether you know it or not, keep going.”

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ALONE by KYO! Spell Binding Debut Release

Meet KYO!:

LA-based producer and creative director, KYO! has been in the music business for many years, working with a number of popular artists such as; Usher, Carly Rae Jepsen and Kevin Gates, to name a few. This talented artist has now taken to the main stage and just released his debut single “ALONE”, under his own name.

KYO! attended engineering school at the age of 18, and this is when he first started making music. However, he wanted to be a producer, so he interned at various studios under the guidance of major producers in his spare time. This experience gave KYO! a wealth of knowledge and understanding making him one of the most exciting up and coming producers. He is not constricted by genre and creates what he calls Top 40 music, which is any genre that will make the charts.

His debut release “ALONE” is a sultry RnB track that was inspired by his ex-girlfriend and originally written for the popular singer, Kelly Rowland. KYO! collaborated with singer-songwriter Rozee to perform the vocals on this song, and the result is an epic track.


“ALONE” is the perfect seduction song, tempting and enticing listeners, slowly seducing us into a state of complete surrender. Slow tempo, deep-toned bass beats blend with sensual vibes and seductive vocals to create an intense atmosphere that is completely hypnotic.

Multiple layers of beats and synthesised effects create a thick textured and dreamy soundscape. Kyo expertly guides listeners through a journey of seduction, gradually increasing the intensity to an expressive explosion when the chorus hits.

Rozee delivers a spectacular performance with a voice as sweet and smooth as honey and deliciously sultry tones that will charm any listener. Her ability to sing in the lower register blends perfectly with the deep-toned beats and enhances the overall sensual sensation of this song.

“ALONE” is the perfect addition to your RnB late-night playlist incorporating chilled club beats and a captivating sound. If you enjoy music from artists such as DJ Khaled and Calvin Harris then, Kyo will fit perfectly on your RnB playlist.

Watch the music video on YouTube here…

What’s next for KYO!

As an artist KYO! is constantly working on improving his artistry, reaching a wider audience and cultivating more awesome tracks. Make sure to follow his social media pages to keep up with what this exciting artist will do next.

In the meantime, KYO! has a message for all his listeners: “Thank you for showing love to my song and video, for listening and watching it. I will be forever grateful.”

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Endless Summer by Ben Barbic / Addictive Summertime Tune

Meet Ben Barbic:

Singer, songwriter and producer Ben Barbic is back with another sizzling new release, “Endless Summer”. This song delivers delicious summertime vibes, anytime, anywhere.

Barbic signed to Rebel Records in 2016, and even though he was involved in music most of his life before this, an improved level of connectedness developed with his new crew. Barbic told us: “There is something about finding your tribe that helps on so many levels. Once I started getting into the collective reggae space, a whole new level of fulfilment began.”

Initially, Barbic was more focused on the vocal side of his artistry, but then he studied sound engineering so he could have complete control over his sound and production. Now, he is able to write, perform, record, mix, master and produce all his own music.

New Release: Endless Summer:

“Endless Summer” is the perfect summertime track incorporating sweet rhymes and a captivating sound that causes your head to spontaneously bob up and down. It’s an irresistibly feel-good track that you will want to return to over and over again.

This song has an easy-going, relaxed, happy vibe which perfectly captures the elated, good-time feeling that summertime invokes. Barbic has blended the best elements of reggae and hip-hop to create an upbeat soundscape that ignites the wonderful carefree feeling of summer.

Barbic delivers a captivating performance with exciting wordplay skills. He incorporates impressively rhythmic verses that inspire listeners to join in with him when he sings: “Endless summertime and life can fall. But spring will come and some will fall. And most will rise and love their life. It’s summertime… endless summer.”

The best thing about this song is that it injects you with the summertime vibe, whenever and wherever you are! If you enjoy music from artists such as Collie Buddz and Damian Marley, then Ben Barbic will fit perfectly on your reggae/hip-hop playlist.

What’s next for Ben Barbic:

Barbic has many exciting new projects coming up this year and he told us he couldn’t be more pleased. Very soon we will see another new release from him titled; “Last Call”, produced by 17 x time grammy nominee, Adonis Shropshire.

Next, we will shortly be seeing an EP release which he is working on with producer Rick St. Hilaire, who has worked with artists such as; Damian Marley, Alicia Keys, and Busta Rhymes.

In addition to his single and EP release coming soon, Barbic is also producing a new riddim album with top reggae artists. Keep an eye out for this release titled Climbing & Rising Riddim.

Keep an eye out for all his upcoming releases on his social media pages. In the meantime, Barbic has a message for all his listeners: “Love life, be authentic and get a little bit better at the things you love every day”.

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A new legal action filed against Diplo

A new legal action filed against Diplo

A new legal action filed against Diplo declares that he intimidated a woman into carrying out oral sex on him and also recorded the encounter without her permission, according to lawful records acquired by TMZ. In the legal action, the female declares that she and her friends attended Diplo’s afterparty at The Wynn following one of his Las Vegas shows in 2019. At the afterparty, Diplo is said to have offered alcohol as well as cannabis to the already intoxicated group, and later on asked the plaintiff to accompany him in his personal area at the hotel, at which point Diplo’s safety and security started to eliminate people from the celebration. This included one of the lady’s male close friends, who was apparently punched in the face since he declined to leave without her.

In the files, the lady mentions that Diplo barred her from leaving the private space until she carried out foreplay on him. The manufacturer, real name Thomas Wesley, also filmed the act without her approval, the legal action affirms. The woman has submitted the legal action to seek problems, TMZ reported.

” This complaint is completely shocking, wildly false as well as yet also totally predictable, considered that it simply duplicates the specific same insurance claim already made by the plaintiff’s good friend Shelly Auguste, a person that has actually been pestering Mr. Pentz as well as his family members for more than a year and also currently has repeatedly broken the limiting order released against her.

We have irrefutable evidence that this is a completely meritless claim and also we will certainly be supplying it to a court as promptly as we perhaps can to put an end to this shakedown by Ms. Auguste and her associates finally.”

Freedman is significant for representing Diplo in a 2020 sex-related battery legal action submitted by Shelly Auguste, who charged the DJ of harassing her with vengeance pornography derived from among their sex-related experiences, said to be recorded without Auguste’s expertise or authorization. At the time, Freedman insisted that Auguste’s insurance claim belonged of an “ongoing campaign of harassment” targeting Diplo. Both Diplo and also Auguste applied for restraining orders against each other.

The new accusations have since led The Baltimore Orioles to terminate Diplo’s July 24 postgame performance at Camden Yards.

This is a developing story.

New Travis Scott Weed Company

New Travis Scott Weed Company

According to GreenEntrepreneur, Connected Marijuana is a California-based company that was developed in 2009. In 2017, the firm obtained clinical marijuana business Alien Labs, and also previously this year, accumulated almost $30 million in funding to establish different growing techniques with cannabis, which additionally attributed to the business broadening its outreach within the cannabis neighborhood.

On the other hand, Travis signs up with a plethora of rap artists that have studied the cannabis sector. Most especially, Jay-Z as well as his premium cannabis line called Monogrammed. Last December, the costs marijuana brand partnered with the California-based business Caliva to produce various smoking products, including a $50 hand-rolled joint called the “OG Handroll.”

Various other musicians in the weed business include Drake, Lil Child, Wiz Khalifa, and also Cypress Hillside’s B-Real.

When it comes to Travis, he can add weed to his portfolio of brand-name partnerships. Within the last year, the Cactus Jack Records leader has formerly joined McDonald’s, PlayStation, Nike, General Mills as well as much more. In 2020, throughout the pandemic, he supposedly made $100 million via his different collaborations.

The Major Buzz on Coco Bean and his Infectious new release: Pimp Stick

Meet Coco Bean:

Coco Bean is back with his second release “Pimp Stick”, from his sonic trilogy, which set to be another smash hit. Coco Bean is the alter ego of the award-winning, multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and filmmaker, Phil Elam.

In March of this year, Coco Bean burst on the scenes with his debut single, “My Name is Coco Bean”. This song was a bold introduction to the fiercely independent spirit of Coco Bean. His unapologetic and triumphant attitude has connected with many new fans.

His message is clear and declares to the world that we must be proud of ourselves, no matter who we are, or where we are from. It’s no wonder his debut release has already reached over 100k streams on Spotify.

Now, his newest single, “Pimp Stick” is already gaining serious momentum and many playlists are debuting the track at #1! The music video is currently in pre-production and is expected to be an incredible visual experience.

This entertaining track calls for everyone to put up their Pimp Stick! Coco Bean told us: “everyone has a pimp stick, it’s that rod of strength which is buried deep within all of us. Your Pimp Stick is that courage you have that keeps you stepping forward when everything around you is trying to tell you to give up.”

So, the next time you are faced with adversity, prejudice, ignorance or any other type of discrimination, put up your pimp stick!

Pimp Stick:

“Pimp Stick” opens with a highly humorous narrative that creates a light-hearted atmosphere and a vivid image of Coco Bean with his 24-carat pimp stick.

In true Coco Bean style, this song has a tongue in cheek, comedic streak to it. This is emphasised by catchy, witty lyrics and amusing sound effects. It’s virtually impossible to resist the temptation to sing along with Coco Bean’s anthemic chorus when he sings: “put up your pimp stick!”

The blend of uber melodic old skool hip hop vibes and electronic dance music make this track completely infectious and unforgettable. It is the perfect summer jam to add to your party playlist. Not only does it thrill listeners but, more importantly, it encourages people to find their inner strength and stand up for what is right.

This track will easily fascinate and delight any listener. If you enjoy music from artists such as Eminem and Drake then Coco Bean will fit perfectly on your party playlist.

What’s next for Phil Elam & his alter ego Coco Bean?

It seems that there is no end to Phil’s talents and there are many other exciting projects to be revealed. Firstly, he will be co-hosting the 5th Annual, I See You Awards in August with the creator, Terri Lee, from CBS News Radio, WWJ.

The award ceremony returns to the landmark Emagine Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan this year, to celebrate independent filmmakers. Phil has won 5 trophies with the multi-award-winning short film, Swing Low, directed by the highly talented Marvin Towns, Jr. Awards include Best Actor, Best Short Film and Best Director.

He is also currently filming a new web series pilot. This project is connected with the female director writing team of Robbie Barnes-Kyriakides and Nonie Shiverick. Phil has told us: “Robbie & Nonie are exciting visionaries. I can’t wait for you to see what they are doing.”

Finally, we have discovered that Phil has signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for a feature film, which he would neither confirm nor deny… His lips were sealed tighter than a preacher’s wife girdle after a summer ice cream social. We cannot wait to see what this master of the arts will delight us with next.

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Like A Stone by Aka V / Powerful & Memorable Performance

Meet Aka V:

LA-based singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer Aka V is back with her newest single, “Like A Stone”, a powerful and moving cover of this pop-rock ballad, originally by Audioslave.

Aka V is from the small town, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. She headed to the big city of Toronto, pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a musician. With a captivating look and impressive vocal ability, it didn’t take long for V to land her first gig as the lead singer in the Canadian rock band, OzGoode.

Her experience and journey on a cross-country tour with OzGoode inspired V’s debut single “Always Go Home”. This noteworthy release marked her entrance as a solo artist into the music industry in 2016.

Since then, she has released a continuous stream of singles, skillfully navigating her way to cultivating a unique and dynamic sound. Her latest release, “Like A Stone”, is an intense and impactful track that she has been playing live since touring as a solo artist.

“Like A Stone”:

An intense and thick textured soundscape of drums and electric guitar open “Like A Stone”. This captivating intro immediately engages the listener’s intrigue and attention.

V delivers a powerful performance that imparts a memorable impression on the listener. A feeling of darkness and anguish is imparted upon us, which is intensified by the powerful instrumental accompaniment leading to an epic guitar solo.

As an artist, V has an exceptional ability to communicate intense emotion. Through her mesmerising performance, we feel the pain and torment, just like an open wound, as she sings: “I’ll wait for you there, like a stone. I’ll wait for you there, alone”.

V really has made her own unique mark on this cover song, and if you enjoy music from artists such as The Pretty Reckless and Pink, then Aka V will fit perfectly on your pop/rock playlist.

Watch the music video for “Like A Stone” by Aka V right here…

What’s next for Aka V?

V has a busy year ahead, with acoustic shows to promote, a live album in the fall and a tour! Make sure to follow her on social media and be a part of her journey.

In the meantime V has a message for all her listeners: “If you have a dream, no matter how crazy and out of reach it may seem, remember that you were not given that dream without the tools to make it come true. Dig deep, take the scary steps into the unknown and go after it!!”

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New York returns to the dance floor with a major reopening!

New York returns to the dance floor with a major reopening!

On the 1st of July, New Yorkers returned to the dance floor–in fine fashion!

After close to two years of COVID-19-induced rules, the Brooklyn Mirage was breaking new ground with a spectacular show. 

After all this time, music fans were not deterred by the rain and bad weather in New York.

The venue staff was ready, this long time of inactivity did not slow down their professionalism. 

Poncho’s handed out to fans

They were passing out ponchos to ticket holders to make the return to live programming during pouring rain as good as possible.

The staff smoothly guided attendees from security to ticket check (no COVID-19 vaccine card nor negative test result required) to wristband top-off. Tap.

The music and curating of Meduza, Lee Foss, and SIDEPIECE filled the 6,000-person space, hitting attendees with the experience and mastery of production of a venue that’s proven as one of New York’s choice sites for live music.. 

Billie Jean (Electro Swing Mix) by Betty Booom / Electrifying Swing Beats Revive this Classic Track.

Billie Jean (Electro Swing Mix) 

Betty Booom

Producer and DJ Betty Booom is back with another electro swing hit remix of the timeless classic, “Billie Jean”. Booom collaborated with vocalist Slim Khezri and harmonizing trio, The Hebbe Sisters for this latest project, and the result is an epic party track.

Betty Booom:

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Booom has been an avid music enthusiast since a very young age. In her childhood, she played the piano for many years and was surrounded by musicians within her family. In particular, her father’s passion for swing, jazz, soul and disco vinyl’s shaped her taste in music.

Booom is a lover of electronic music, as well as handmade music. She burst onto the DJ scene 10 years ago and took the club and bar scene by storm with her techno swing beats. Over the last few years, Booom has honed her skills as a producer and now publishes her own music.

Slim Khezri:

Award-winning German-American singer, songwriter, producer, director, author and actor, Slim Kherzi has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Including; Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake (*NSYNC), Snoop Dogg, and Britney Spears, to name a few.

His claim to fame came in 1991 when he performed as a Michael Jackson impersonator in the popular TV program “Die Rudi Carrell Show”. His impressive Jacko stylings made him the perfect choice for this remix release of “Billie Jean”.

The Hebbe Sisters:

Sweden based Hebbe sisters Emelie, Josefine and Maria have been performing together since their early childhood. They have toured extensively abroad and in their homeland, where they have also performed on some of Sweden’s biggest TV shows. This exposure gained them major popularity and they just released their third album titled Jazz It Up And Move.

Billie Jean:

This remix release of “Billie Jean” has injected new life into the Michael Jackson classic. With upbeat, high energy electro swing vibes which force your body to move and groove, it’s impossible not to love this track. Bigband sounds blend with nostalgic swing rhythms and the unforgettable Billie Jean melody has been intensified to electrifying club beats.

Khezri delivers a thrilling performance with colourful and dynamic vocal tones. His impressive Jacko vibes demonstrate a salute to the King of Pop while bringing in his own personal flair of magic to the song also.

A nostalgic and vintage atmosphere is created by the heavenly harmonising of The Hebbe Sisters. Their crystal clear top notes and jazzy scatting will charm any listener.

This buzzing track is definitely a party starter and if you enjoy music from artists such as Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace, then “Billie Jean” by Betty Booom will be perfect for your electro-swing or party playlist.

Watch the music video on YouTube:

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