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Where Did It Go by Richard Berger / A journey of Love & Loss

Meet Richard Berger:

LA-based neo-psychedelic synth-pop artist, Richard Berger has just released his debut album Where Did It Go.

Berger is a solo performer and sings, plays guitar and keyboard, writes and producers all of his music. He has been writing his own songs since high school but became serious about it in college.

His music is dreamy, with big synths and psychedelic soundscapes. His musical development has been strongly influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Steely Dan, Tame Impala and Homeshake.

His debut album Where Did It Go has just been released and is a collection of songs inspired by experiences during different stages of a relationship.

Where Did It Go:

All of the songs on this album relate to some aspect of a relationship. Berger takes us on a journey from uncertainty, to unrequited love, yearning, complications, loss of communication and heartbreak.

Berger incorporates breathy vocals, reverb and slow to mid-tempo emotive melodies to communicate intense emotions. We experience his feelings of sentimentality, desire, exasperation, confusion, heartbreak and eventually, love again.

Berger’s music and lyrics deliver beautiful insight into deeply personal experiences, offering comfort and understanding to others going through similar situations.

“Where Did It Go” is a particularly heart touching song. Berger expertly communicates the sadness and loss that we all feel when we know a relationship is over, but don’t understand why. And the desperation of trying to hold on to what you had.

The second to last song on the album, “All The Love” is a joyful and positive expression of a loving relationship. This transmits hope that there is love again after heartbreak.

Listeners will easily connect with the stories unfolded in this album and if you enjoy music from artists such as Tame Impala and Homeshake, then Richard Berger will fit perfectly on your playlist.

Listen to this album and watch the music video right here…

What’s next?

Berger is already working on new music and has revealed that there may be a new EP release soon.

In the meantime, he has a message for all his listeners: “Thanks for listening. It is always great to connect with someone with my music”.

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Trilltypefella “My Trap Doing Numbers” / Empowering & Relateable

Trilltypefella “My Trap Doing Numbers” / Empowering & Relateable

Meet Trilltypefella:

Trilltypefella is a hip-hop/rap artist and musician based in Memphis, Tennesse. He first started writing rhymes in the summer of 2000 in his hometown, Greenwood, Mississippi.

Discovering he had a talent for the world of rap he began to collaborate with his cousin and perform in local shows.

As well as being a gifted wordsmith and captivating rap artist, Trilltypefella is also a talented musician and plays the keyboard, drums and saxophone.

His main musical influences come from some of the top trap and rap artists of today, such as Yo Gotti and 8Ball & MJG.

His style is extremely versatile and raw with a distinctly laid back southern vibe which sets him perfectly on a top trap playlist.

With an impressive discography, Trilltypefella is making a name for himself within the world of hip-hop. Delivering powerful, reality music where he shares his real-life experiences.

His first EP release titled Trap Loyalty features the track “My Trap Doing Numbers”. A raw and relateable song about his experiences hustling on the streets and trapping to survive.

My Trap Doing Numbers:

This dynamic trap track has a distinct deep soundscape with a steady head-bopping tempo which any trap fan will love.

The powerful marching melody has an empowering effect on the listener, invoking feelings of strength and resilience.

Trilltypefella raps with a strong authoritative energy. He delivers his performance with mighty vocals and poetic storytelling that completely captivate his audience.

His anthemic chorus encourages listeners to rap along with his rhythmic verses. Utilising enticing lyrics such as: “my trap doing numbers, my trap doing numbers. If you don’t believe me you can ask my baby’s mama”.

Listen to this powerful track right here…

What’s next?

Trilltypefella is on a mission to keep creating quality music and expand his career further. While always keeping it real with his fans. Keep an eye out for more upcoming releases soon.

In the meantime, Trilltypefella has a message for all his listeners: “I always put God first and work very hard at what I do. I love each and every one of you for supporting me”.

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Shout-Out for “I Gave You Everything” by Black Saturday

Shout-out for “I Gave You Everything” by pop/punk, alternative rock band Black Saturday. This up and coming band consists of five members who have a serious passion for playing and creating music. Their sound is energetic, raw and enticing.

If you enjoy music from artists such as New Found Glory and The Breeders, then Black Saturday will fit perfectly on your punk-rock playlist.

Listen to their newest release right here…

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Waking Bear’s debut album Trust Fall / A journey into infinite gratitude

Waking Bear’s debut album Trust Fall / A journey into infinite gratitude

Meet Waking Bear:

Olympia based, indie-rock band, Waking Bear released their first album Trust Fall on 21st January this year. The album is a collection of the singles they have released between Dec 2019 and Dec 2020.

The main theme running through the core of this album is trust. A trust fall. The ability to let go and fall into the unknown with complete trust in the universe and the divine.

This theme is not only a theme in their music but throughout the entirety of their lives. From a change of career, relationships, pursuing one’s dream, living space and inner work.

Ivy and Noah:

Noah has always had a great passion for music, but in his youth, he did not have the confidence or courage to pursue music as his career. However, five years ago when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, Noah took a step back to revaluate his life.

That’s when he decided to sell his company and commit himself to his music career.

In 2018 a serendipitous meeting brought Ivy Jordanne into his life and a wonderful adventure of romance, love, music and self-development ensued.

Ivy comes from an extremely musical family, her mother played piano and violin and her father was always singing. Her mother taught her to play the piano and she inherited her parent’s love and passion for music.

In Ivy’s coming of age years, she was inspired by the rocker women of the 80s’ and 90s’, such as Blondie, Cyndi Lauper and Pat Benatar. These powerful, wild, free women served as an incredible source of encouragement for Ivy. This is when she realised she had the ability and talent to write her own songs.

Noah had a similar experience during his tumultuous teenage years. Writing poetry and lyrics was an outlet for his emotions, and in his 20s’ he began writing songs for the bands he was playing in. These songs were always intensely fueled by his emotions and feelings.

Waking Bear was formed in 2018 by Noah and Ivy with the intention of transmitting uplifting music to open hearts. To cultivate music that transmits the higher frequencies of love and gratitude.

Trust Fall

Their first album Trust Fall takes us on a musical journey of their experiences and stories. Each song communicates a deep message of trust, love and gratitude.

The overall feeling that Waking Bear transmits is one of pure joy and gratefulness. Their music lifts listeners to a higher frequency with a heartwarming feeling of infinite bliss.

The album opens with “Kisses on Tears”, a sentimental love song about seeking love and the wonder of allowing deep love into our hearts.

As the album progresses we are taken on a sonic and lyrical exploration of inner work, ceremony, appreciation, and rebirth. We are guided by Noah’s raspy rock star vocals, sick guitar riffs, epic drumming and Ivy’s open heart and angelic voice.

The album closes out with the upbeat, funky 80s’ style song “New York Mermaid”. A dreamy fairy tale track that paints a vivid picture in our mind’s eye.

The band’s uplifting music and performance is a delight to listen to. Their compositions are unique, authentic and raw. Waking Bear is sure to charm any listener and if you enjoy music from artists such as Trevor Hall and Michael Franti & Spearhead then Waking Bear will fit perfectly on your Indie playlist.

Listen to Trust Fall here:

What’s next:

Waking Bear is currently preparing to launch a keynote performance. A performance journey where they share deeply personal stories and songs about their struggles.

In the meantime, the band would like to impart a small piece of knowledge to their listeners: “we want to share with people how misfortune leads to fortune, how grief can lead to gratitude, and how all the antagonists in our life are protagonists in waiting. If we do our inner work and if we grieve, we can find ourselves grateful for our journey. Grateful for this life, no matter what we’ve been through. Trust that any difficult struggle could be the birth of something wonderful”.

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Kim Kardashian West Divorce From Kanye West after 6 years of marriage

Kim Kardashian West Divorce From Kanye West after 6 years of marriage

Following a total of eight decades collectively and six decades of marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are formally over.

The KKW Beauty creator filed for divorce from the rapper in February following weeks of alleged strain involving them.

Ever since that time, she has been trying to accommodate this situation and prepare for the next phase of life. An insider offered insight into her alleged”new standard” and how she is coming to grips with all the breakup in an interview.

Kanye and Kardashian West were constantly looked at as few objectives, but it became apparent that there were issues in their relationship in the summer of 2020, when that the rapper expose family issues on Twitter.

The couple appeared to be working in August if they chose a family trip to the Caribbean, which resources called an effort to fix their union. But when it was finished, they returned into different houses, with Kanye heading straight back into his Wyoming ranch along with Kardashian West taking up their principal home in Calabasas, California.

From the following year, there were reports stating Kardashian West was intending to apply for divorce, because their connection supposedly never recovered following Kanye’s tweets.

“Their union was broken for quite a while,” an insider told People Magazine. “Kim feels just like she’s done what she can to save it. Filing for divorce is something she’s been considering for quite a very long moment. She’s also been dreading it. She really, really has done everything to prevent a filing.”

Lil Nas X is calling for Rihanna

Lil Nas X is calling for Rihanna

The rapper has revealed that he wishes to collaborate with the Fenty Beauty mogul on the remix to his chart-topping hit”Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

In an interview with”Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp,” Nas was asked who he wants about the remix.” Rihanna and Bad Bunny,” he said of his dream lineup.

Kemp added, “It makes me feel like that could already be in the pipeline,” to which Nas responded, “I wish.”But he was somewhat hesitant to put it out there if it doesn’t happen. “What if I request this? I really don’t want to jinx it.”It may not be too much of an inquire as Rihanna is already a fan of”Montero.”

After hearing a snippet of the song last summer, she explained it as”banging” through a live stream.” Honest to God, I am not just saying that. It’s dope,” she informed the”Old Town Road” hitmaker, who had been featured in a Fenty Skin campaign.

“I’m so glad ’cause you came so strong in the beginning. That rather gets tricky with like, where would you go next? But you killin’ it,’ I’m glad for you.”

Hey Violet’s new single “Problems” is irresistible

Hey Violet’s new single “Problems” is irresistible

Premiering exclusively on PopCrush,”Problems” is about broadcasting those connection red flags having a positive attitude — or, in this circumstance, a catchy, skittering beat and flurry of candy synths.

“problems’ is such a cool tune to us since when you are first listening to it, it seems like only a bright, flirty, fun tune,” lead singer Rena Lovelis shares. “Once I was writing it, even however I felt almost as if I was drawn to individuals’ red flags.

The allure I am hearing about at the tune is actually based on watching these red flags and romanticizing how harmful that could be to my mind. I feel like that I had been in a very lost location once I wrote this, constantly perplexing red flags for an invitation to be with somebody.”Even though the tune is all about hurrying into the inevitable second error, the track general sonic vibe informs a more carefree narrative:”That is one of the items we love so much about “Problems”

The significance behind the song contrasts so far with how it makes you want to dance!””Something interesting about the instrumentation is we wanted the first half of the chorus to emerge in super rare and broken down sonically, which made the next half of the chorus much more trendy and impactful,” Lovelis clarifies. “

Then in the end, once the post-chorus strikes, it is even more volatile. I believe people are going to appreciate this one”We can not help but concur.

Listen to Violet’s”Problems” exclusively here, under:

2022 king Of Leon on tour in Australia

2022 king Of Leon on tour in Australia

The team will do in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth at 2022.

Their collection will consist of tunes from all eight of the records, including their newest After You Watch Yourself.

Lead singer Caleb said in a statement: “As a group, we feed off the power our viewers bring, and also the last time we toured Australia the air was electric. We can not wait to get down there and work for you !”

Blossoms play in England for their first large music event of 2021

Blossoms play in England for their first large music event of 2021

Fans won’t need to wear masks or distance in the series, which will happen in Sefton Park on 2 May.Only residents of the Liverpool city region are able to apply for your 5,000 tickets, plus they should have tested negative the former moment.

As soon as they’ve obtained a negative effect at a specified testing center, their e-tickets for your event will be triggered. Anyone pregnant or recognized as exceptionally clinically vulnerable can’t use it, and all concert-goers have to be enrolled with a local GP.

The concert is part of this government’s Event Research Programme, which will be conducting a series of pilots to examine security at mass parties. Researchers in the gig will track audience interactions and movements around the place, which is working under its 7,500 capability, in addition to transportation to and from the series.

All concert-goers will probably be requested to take an on-site PCR evaluation on the afternoon of the episode and five days afterward, so scientists could monitor any potential spread of Covid-19.



A lot of men and women are fearful of O.J. Simpson. Boosie Badazz isn’t on this list. Lately, right-wing pundits have tried to spin the words of LeBron James into hate speech. When O.J. jumped, Boosie came fast to King James’ defense and assessed the former NFL star.

[embedded content]

“O.J. Simpson, how the hell you gon’ tell LeBron to be quiet about speaking up for our race,” he explained. “You supposed to be speaking up for our race! We got you free — a Black man got you free! The Black community got you free and you gon’ tell him to chill out? You need to chill out. Get the fuck off LeBron nuts. You wrong, man.”