Aquarius Purple by Marcus Machado / A True Expression of Instrumental Mastery.

Marcus Machado:

Marcus Machado is an extraordinary instrumentalist who has been playing the guitar since he picked it up at 2 years old and is completely self-taught.

To say this guy is talented is an understatement. His musical intricacies are delivered with such finesse that we are left mesmerised and delighted at his genius.

He tantalises our sensations by continuously expanding and developing his compositions. Musically he is not constrained within one genre but offers his listeners expressions in blues, funk, soul, hip-hop, rap and rock.

Aquarius Purple

His debut album Aquarius Purple clearly marks his place within the hierarchy of musicians.

As the album opens Machado plays a seductive blues-infused rhythm on his electric guitar and we are instantly mesmerised and fascinated.

Aquarius Purple is a unique expression of a truly exceptional artist. His compositions are raw and it feels as though he is expressing the deepest depths of his soul.

The album takes us through a captivating journey of varying styles. From epic instrumental solo’s in his song “Tomorrow Never Knows” to sultry and soulful vocals in “Black Psychedelic Funk”. This album will inspire and delight any listener.

Listen to Aquarius Purple right here…

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Maroon 5 Is About To Release A New Album Soon

Maroon 5 Is About To Release A New Album Soon

According to Adam Levine, Maroon 5 has finished recording the next music disc. New songs were composed during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and are in post-production.

On March 4, Music News announced that Maroon 5’s new album -the follow-up to 2017’s Red Pill Blues -is on the way.

Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, frontman Adam Levine says, “I can tell you right now that the album’s done. And I can tell you it’s finished, I can tell you it’s been mastered, and I can tell you it’s been delivered, but I can’t tell you when it comes out. But it’s not far off, I’ll just say that.

The 42-year-old male singer admitted that 2020 was too strange a year to release an album. He struggled with himself to get the motivation to compose new songs. However, once he got on track, work went quickly and smoothly.

This will be Maroon’s new album after nearly four years. The group’s most recent album, ‘Red Pill Blues’ was released in 2017. To pave the way for the next album, Maroon 5 has recently released ‘Beautiful Mistake’ – a single with Megan Thee Stallion – on March 3.Adam says they wrote it during a summer in New York with singer/songwriter/producer Blackbear, and adds that he’s “absolutely obsessed” with the tune.

Adam Levine praised the vocal and rapping skills of ‘Savage’ hit owner when praising her for bringing a more impressive climax to the song. He says she “100% meets all the criteria” for a feature on one of their songs: “Just this really special person, super talented, having a moment.”  She’s one of many rappers the band has collaborated with in the past -a list that includes Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar.

It’s almost kind of this great symbiosis that occurs between whoever the feature[d artist] is and the band, where it’s at this great moment where we feel like we really have read the right timing,” Adam explains. “And it’s nice, because it opens up our eyes to new things, and theirs as well, so it’s really been great”.