Shout-Out for “Two Tribes” by Head.

Two dance music titans, Horse Meat Disco’s Jim Stanton and bonafide dance music rock star, Amy Douglas forged the creation of Head with other emerging rebels of the underground dance music scene. On vocals in addition to Amy is Moon Boots and Michael The Lion vocalist Steven Klavier, Cat P for spoken words. Production includes Ladyballs co-founder and Birds of Pandaemonium member, Tim Wagner, and Mexico City’s rising star, Paurro, creative director of Airelibre FM, Remixer and DJ extraordinaire.

This band of misfits is a content making band of brothers and sisters, devoted to gaining access to the best parts of your mind body and soul through music.

If you enjoy artists such as Roisin Murphy and Horse Meat Disco, then Head will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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