Student and teacher retell their emotional tales, in Grant Huffman’s “If I Really Try”.

An interesting collaboration developed the creation and production of this song, “If I really Try” by Grant Huffman, featuring his former teacher, Mark Kaschak.

Huffman was a student of Kaschak’s at a boarding school for delinquent children. In this song, they reflect back on their experiences as both student and teacher at this time.

I enjoy the strangely unique, circus-style music, which sets a slightly uncomfortable tone and I am curious as to what will come next.

Huffman’s poetic lyricism creates impressive imagery in the mind’s eye. His words, shoot like bullets, delivering a story of intense emotional upheaval and confusion.

This painful experience is communicated through emotive, charismatic vocal tones, and eerie soundscapes, which convey a feeling of anxiety and confusion within Huffman’s younger self.

Through his special performance, Huffman creates a bond with his listeners, and I feel a sincere connection and sympathy for him during this time.

I adore the uniqueness of this song collaboration, which, clearly stems from a strong connection between student and teacher. I feel Huffman’s experiences are an important story to share, and may spark inspiration, and hope in other children enduring similar situations.

This young artist has come a long way since his former troubled years and is now gaining popularity for his unique and impressive style. If you enjoy music from artists such as Joyner Lucas, and NF, then Grant Huffman will fit perfectly on your playlist.