Shout-Out for “From Here” by Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown rose to stardom after being featured on The Voice, and subsequently, adored by music lovers. However, she had been working for many years as a backup vocalist to many major artists such as, Stevie Wonder, Adele and Alicia Keys, to name a few. Her recently released song “From Here” showcases her talent to connect with listeners and provoke powerful emotions.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Adele and Donna Missal then Amanda Brown will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Misa activates emotional rawness in “Think About Me”.

The simple guitar introduction to “Think About Me”, immediately captures the listener’s heart. There is a sense of sadness and yearning in those first few bars of music, that draws on a deep emotional connection.

With delicate musical intricacies, and breathy, emotive vocals, Misa creates a fragile atmosphere, which connects to an emotional rawness within.

The fragility of a broken heart is not easily expressed, however, Misa has perfectly represented this quality, with elegant poetic lyrics, and a hypnotic performance.

“Think About Me” is the fifth single from the album Broken Record. In this song, Misa sings of a past love, reminiscing of the heartbreak and good times, wondering if that person still thinks of her.

This song will connect with many people, for who hasn’t reminisced of a lost love and wondered… “do they think about me?”

Misa is a singer and songwriter from London who describes music as the core of her life. Her deep passion and love for music are clearly expressed through her compositions. She will fit perfectly on a playlist between Ellie Goulding and Adele.

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