Shout-Out for “Nothing’s The Same” by Olive Louise

Olive Louise is a classically trained musician who grew up in Kings Point, New York (on the very estate that inspired F Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel The Great Gatsby), studying piano and violin under the tutelage of her mother, who was the lead pianist of the Long Island Philharmonic Orchestra. 

This young singer-songwriter is now thoughtfully carving her own path in the alt-pop genre through captivating storytelling and refreshing vulnerability.

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Shout-Out for “alone” by Almost July

Almost July, a New York-based alternative-pop band, is the creation of Skip Glogan, singer-songwroter, musician and producer. The band is completed by New York mainstay, Derek Broomhead. Their live performances showcases Skip playing keys and fronting the band with a combination of live instruments and electronics, while Derek plays the drums and drum pads.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Nightly and The 1975, then Almost July will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “Tongue Tied” by Tyler Ganus

Tyler Ganus

Tyler Ganus is a passionate singer-songwriter and baseball player, currently pursuing an honours in music and a professional athletic career. He began playing the piano at 2 yrs old and was recording and producing his own music by 12.

His recent release “Tongue Tied” is a collaboration between Ganus who lives in LA, and Chanel who lives in Canada. After many zoom jam sessions, they composed this quirky alterntive pop song, “Tongue Tide”.

If you enjoy music from artists such as blackbear and Quinn XCII then Tyler Ganus will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Shout-Out for “the blues” by idle

Ari Bose aka idle

Idle is the artist name of Boston based artist and producer Ari Bose. Bose studied music at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music and is a talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer and producer. Bose blends pop with rock and other alternative influences to create unique and captivating compositions.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Blackbear and Chase Atlantic then Idle will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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A release with awesome attitude and self-love “Bad Bitch” by Juno Star

Juno Star

Juno Star, an undiscovered gem ready to rise to stardom, has released his fourth single, “Bad Bitch”, an alternative, sassy anthem, which will attract and charm listeners.

Juno is a talented singer and songwriter from New York City who’s musical influence comes largely from the alternative pop scene of the 90s’.

He is a newcomer to the music industry and making a serious impression. He has released four singles so far, all showcasing a unique and varied style within the pop genre.

His most recent release, “Bad Bitch” is this year’s fourth release. It is a powerful pop anthem about self-love with serious attitude and witty lyrics.

“Bad Bitch” instantly sparks the listener’s interest with a unique circus-like instrumental intro, which creates a bouncy and slightly cheeky energy.

Juno performs poetic, rhythmical phrasing with seductive, velvet vocal tones, which make him a delight to listen to and completely addictive.

He skillfully flows between angelic vibrato singing and a rhythmic spoken voice, showcasing impressive diversity and style.

A fantastically catchy chorus seduces listeners to sing-a-long with the witty lyrics, such as; “be a bad bitch, run that shit, got a rumble in your jungle, you can handle it, so what if you’re a hot mess, you’re still a goddess”.

This light-hearted and fun song has a deep meaning imparted through its entertaining lyrics. That being, that nobody is perfect, so, accept and love yourself! And be a “bad bitch”!

Juno told us; “imperfection is what makes us special. Bad Bitch is about owning yourself, even at your worst, and remembering; ‘so what if you’re a hot mess, you’re still a goddess’”.

The upbeat, catchy rhythm and memorable lyrics in “Bad Bitch” leave a lasting impression on the listener and stay with you, begging you to return for more.

Juno Star is ready to take the world by storm with his music, his songs are catchy and unique, showcasing impressive vocal ability and talent.

His upcoming EP release is due out before the end of this year, and we are excited to see what our rising star will give us next! Follow Juno Star here:

Juno Star

If you enjoy music from artists such as Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray then Juno Star will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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