Bring Me The Horizon

A tale of fighting evil with evil, “dEvil” by Halo Boy

Halo Boy has described himself as the new anti-hero, a puppet at the end of the devil’s strings, obsessively crafting music and visual arts in his world of anime and cyberpunk dystopia.

His most recent release, “dEvil” tells a story of fighting evil with evil, an all too common tale of one’s peers acting out unfairly, and thus, the victim becomes the victor, when he has the devil on his side.

As the song opens we are introduced to an eerie and unique soundscape, with impressive bass guitar riffs and intense subwoofer vibration, I am immediately captivated and intrigued.

I enjoy the plethora of musical layers and the high’s and low’s of vocal intensity throughout the track. Halo Boy draws you in, enticing you like the devil as he whispers in your ear “I just got horns like the devil”, just to rip your sensitivity apart with emotive screams.

This young artist’s performance is hypnotic and fascinating, he has an intriguing musical flare, and if you enjoy music from artists such as Marilyn Manson and Bring Me The Horizon then Halo Boy will fit perfectly on your playlist.