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“Cream Soda” by Deladap and Wolfgang Lohr – Ecstatic Swing Beats Deliver a Thrilling Track

The Dream Team are back with another showstopping track!

Vienna-based electronic dance music group, Deladap, headed by Stanislav Vana and renowned Berlin-based producer, Wolfgang Lohr from Electro Swing Thing have returned with their impressive new single, “Cream Soda”, a guaranteed club banger.

The dream team wouldn’t be complete without the captivating vocals of Hungarian singer, Melinda Stoika, who started her music career singing in her father’s band and with crooner Louie Austen in Viennas most prestigious jazz clubs and hotel bars. It wasn’t long before she became a household name and got to know Stanislav.

Deladap, headed by Stanislav, is an ever-evolving band that perceives itself as an electronic pop band that always has the same theme running through their music; life is beautiful. Music is beautiful. Dancing is beautiful.

Wolfgang is a prominent producer who has solidified his position in the electronic music scene since 2011. Before this, he spent 15 years as a singer, songwriter and trumpeter for the ska band “DaSKArtell”. Wolfgang explained to us: “the motto, ‘now more than ever,’ says it all. Electro Swing is what I’m all about right now, and this is the moment that everything is happening in that space. So, it’s just as much as I can do all the time, release after release, project after project.”

“Cream Soda”

“Cream Soda” opens with a foot-tapping, body shimmying, cheerful and upbeat melody. It immediately inspires listeners to head to the dance floor to revel in the liberating electro-swing beats.

Melinda’s delightfully seductive vocals deliver a sexy yet cute performance that bewitches listeners to sing a long with the anthemic chorus: “please put a cherry on the top, please put a cherry on the top. Put a cherry on the top”.

Multiple layers of instrumental and synthesised arrangements create an intensely impressive soundscape with differing levels which thrill and excite us into a state of ecstasy.

An entertaining music video accompanies “Cream Soda” that showcases impressive contortionist dancers who captivate viewers with their funky movements and fabulous style.

Watch the music video here…

This is the perfect new song to add to your electro-swing playlist. If you enjoy artists such as Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar, then you will love Deladap and Wolfgang Lohr.

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Freedom by Szigeti Juli – Explosive & Addictive Neo-Swing Track

Szigeti Juli’s release’s their newest single, “Freedom”:

Budapest based neo-swing band Szigeti Juli are back with another thrilling track. “Freedom” an electro-swing banger, will have your feet bopping and your body jiving.

The band of 4 was formed in 2019 by Juli Szigetl and comprises of lyricist and vocalist, Juli. Composer, arranger and drummer, Apor Pávai. Máté Drippey on the saxophone and Clarinet, and guitarist Zoli Juhász.

With the help of Wolfgang Lohr from Electo Swing Thing, the band have created a special and unique new release that displays their love and passion for being free. This song is about embracing your individuality, celebrating uniqueness and the freedom that comes with that.


“Freedom” opens with an upbeat, high-energy, nostalgic sounding instrumental soundscape. Listeners are instantly hooked, as the music bewitches us into releasing our inhibitions and dance the night away.

This song excites and inspires listeners as we are lured into an enthralling musical journey, which carries us into explosive swing club beats, onto vintage jazzy instrumental breaks and, of course, Juli’s delectable vocal performance.

Her intensely expressive performance leaves listeners completely bewitched and infatuated with her sultry tones. Just like a temptress siren, she lures her listeners to the dance floor to claim their freedom!

A beautifully shot music video filmed in the Budapest Jazz Club accompanies this song. The band’s unique style and mesmerizing performance heighten the magical experience of this track, and if you enjoy music from artists such as Caravan Palace and Swingrowers then Szigeti Juli will fit perfectly on your neo-swing playlist.

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Billie Jean (Electro Swing Mix) by Betty Booom / Electrifying Swing Beats Revive this Classic Track.

Billie Jean (Electro Swing Mix) 

Betty Booom

Producer and DJ Betty Booom is back with another electro swing hit remix of the timeless classic, “Billie Jean”. Booom collaborated with vocalist Slim Khezri and harmonizing trio, The Hebbe Sisters for this latest project, and the result is an epic party track.

Betty Booom:

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Booom has been an avid music enthusiast since a very young age. In her childhood, she played the piano for many years and was surrounded by musicians within her family. In particular, her father’s passion for swing, jazz, soul and disco vinyl’s shaped her taste in music.

Booom is a lover of electronic music, as well as handmade music. She burst onto the DJ scene 10 years ago and took the club and bar scene by storm with her techno swing beats. Over the last few years, Booom has honed her skills as a producer and now publishes her own music.

Slim Khezri:

Award-winning German-American singer, songwriter, producer, director, author and actor, Slim Kherzi has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Including; Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake (*NSYNC), Snoop Dogg, and Britney Spears, to name a few.

His claim to fame came in 1991 when he performed as a Michael Jackson impersonator in the popular TV program “Die Rudi Carrell Show”. His impressive Jacko stylings made him the perfect choice for this remix release of “Billie Jean”.

The Hebbe Sisters:

Sweden based Hebbe sisters Emelie, Josefine and Maria have been performing together since their early childhood. They have toured extensively abroad and in their homeland, where they have also performed on some of Sweden’s biggest TV shows. This exposure gained them major popularity and they just released their third album titled Jazz It Up And Move.

Billie Jean:

This remix release of “Billie Jean” has injected new life into the Michael Jackson classic. With upbeat, high energy electro swing vibes which force your body to move and groove, it’s impossible not to love this track. Bigband sounds blend with nostalgic swing rhythms and the unforgettable Billie Jean melody has been intensified to electrifying club beats.

Khezri delivers a thrilling performance with colourful and dynamic vocal tones. His impressive Jacko vibes demonstrate a salute to the King of Pop while bringing in his own personal flair of magic to the song also.

A nostalgic and vintage atmosphere is created by the heavenly harmonising of The Hebbe Sisters. Their crystal clear top notes and jazzy scatting will charm any listener.

This buzzing track is definitely a party starter and if you enjoy music from artists such as Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace, then “Billie Jean” by Betty Booom will be perfect for your electro-swing or party playlist.

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All About That Bass – Szigeti Juli / Addictively uplifting Electro-Swing

Meet Szigeti Juli:

Neo swing band, Szigeti Juli from Budapest, Hungary, have just released their latest single “All About That Bass”. An electro-swing remake of the pop song by Meghan Trainor.

The band was founded in 2019 by Juli after she returned home from her travels in China and Europe. During this time abroad Juli gained much experience and knowledge from her competitions in talent contests, tours, open mics and jam sessions.

On her return to Budapest, she had finally found her path and formed her band in the genre that connected with her the most, electro-swing.

The band consists of four members; Juli on lead vocals, Apor, a drummer on a drum pad, Zoli, the guitarist and Máté, a saxophonist. All musicians studied at the Jazz Academy in Hungary and together they are creating inspiring and uplifting music.

All About That Bass:

Szigeti Juli is absolutely in love with this pop banger and even though they already made a jazzy cover of “All About That Bass” a few years ago, they just couldn’t resist making a new version, produced by the prolific Wolfgang Lohr from Berlin and his label, Electro-Swing Thing Records.

This uplifting and energising song will have your body involuntary moving and grooving from the first few beats, with its blend of old-time swing and electrifying electro sounds.

The song moves through varied tempos, from upbeat high energy saxophone infused musical explosions, to slow seductive drawn-out vocal deliveries. Giving listeners an injection of a multitude of sensations.

The old-time sound effect applied to the soundscape and vocal delivery invokes feelings of nostalgia mixed with the modern-day euphoria of the electro additions.

Juli dazzles listeners with her sultry sounding, captivating vocals and uplifting performance which is the perfect winning combo.

The music video is fantastically entertaining with inspiring swing dancing performed by Juli along with her beautifully infectious smile that will brighten your heart and lift your spirits.

It’s impossible not to love this song which delivers a potent dose of happy energising vibes. If you enjoy music from artists such as Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar, then Szigeti Juli will fit perfectly on your electro-swing playlist.

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“Devil” by Kumiho & Sammy Legs / Dark Swing Takes New Heights

Meet Kumiho & Sammy Legs:

Singer-songwriter Kumiho and composer/producer Sammy Legs, are the talented artists behind this extraordinary band.

They have just released their first collaborated single with Berlin-based, German label, Electro Swing Thing, and it is an absolute banger!

Kumiho, known as the demon temptress, infuses the free-spirited nature of jazz, along with modern-day psychedelic electronic instrumentation, to create a raw and untamed sound.

She has always found inspiration in female legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and modern-day bands like Caravan Palace. Being an experienced performer, she tantalises her live audience with dazzling dance moves from burlesque to flapper.

Sammy Legs developed his fascinating sound during his time spent in the Berlin underground music scene and California desert. His quirky, unique and captivating style incorporates elements of house, techno, minimal and breakbeat.

Together, along with guest instrumentalists, they have produced this insanely ecstatic dark swing track, “Devil”.


This track has been gaining momentum in the underground California club scene with a growing fan base. It’s now been released through popular demand and you only have to listen to the intro to know why.

This is such a fantastically upbeat, feel-good song that spontaneously makes your booty shake.

Kumiho lures us in with her seductive vocals, as she warns us: “all of you lovers, remember to be wise, the devil only comes to play at night.”

The song gradually builds in intensity, lifting listeners to a euphoric state just to drop the beat on us with some cheeky scatting from Kumiho.

Multiple layers of trumpets, bass-beats, synthesizers and vocals create an ecstatic soundscape. You have to listen to it to believe it. Legs’ imaginative compositions take us to new and unchartered sonic lands.

“Devil” has all the best elements of a great club track, and it’s irresistibly addictive. If you enjoy music from artists such as Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace, then “Devil” by Kumiho & Sammy Legs will fit perfectly on your electro-swing playlist.

Turn up the volume and enjoy “Devil” right here…

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Shout-Out for “September” by Odd Chap

Odd Chap is a producer and electro-swing all-rounder from New Zealand, who has been making music since 2015 with no plans to slow down.

His recent releaese “September” is a high-energy electro-swing mix of the classic “September” from Earth, Wind and Fire. A great party track just in time for Christmas, enjoy!

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Shout-Out for “Hold On” by Wolfgang Lohr

Wolfgang Lohr

Wolfgang Lohr is a multi-talented producer, singer-songwriter and musician, who emerged onto the electronic music scene in 2011, and is leading the way in Electro Swing. Prior to his emergence as a producer, he performed as trumpeter, singer, and songwriter for the ska band “DaSKartell” for over 15 years, as well as concertizing and performing in-studio for a variety of other bands.

His most reecent release, “Hold On”, brings stimulating house beats with a funky bassline to the Electro Swing genre and it is addictively danceable!

If you enjoy music from artists such as Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace, then Wolfgang Lohr will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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