Fly Away

A brutally honest tale “Fly Away” by Grant Huffman.

Emotive chords play, and a thoughtful, slightly melancholy atmosphere is set for Grant Huffman’s new release; “Fly Away”.

This is a slow tempo, melodic rap song, with a beautiful chorus which delivers powerful lyrics such as; “fly away, don’t ever look down little guy, you don’t gotta fuck around and get high all day”

This song is about Huffman’s struggle with drug addiction, and in the song, we hear a tale of brutal honesty.

Huffman is a talented wordsmith and I enjoy his impressve rhymes, which are always performed with perfectly intelligible words.

I appreciate the use of vocal reverberation in the second verse, which surprises the listener and incorporates a unique momentary change in the energy of the song.

This young artist has a unique sound that is totally his own. It’s impressive to see how he communicates his traumatic stories of the past, with complete honesty and openness, which I greatly admire.

Huffman ends the song with the most important message of all, that he did break free of this cage; “My life I have in my control again, I’m feeling full again”.

I can feel the exhalation of relief as he delivers these lyrics to his audience. A perfect ending.

I believe his story will connect and help many listeners.

If you enjoy music from artists such as NF and Joyner Lucas, then Grant Huffman will fit perfectly on your playlist.