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“The More You Know” by Jane Leo – Electrifying & Hypnotic Performance

Jane Leo returns with another impressive single:

Indie-rock band Jane Leo is back with their follow up single “The More You Know”. After an impressive debut release; “Tell Me (I’m on Your Mind), we have been eagerly waiting to see what this dynamic duo will create next.

Jane Leo was formed by Daniel Leopold and Jane Ellen Bryant a few years ago after both artists came to a crossroads in their personal careers. Jane Leo told us: “Everything felt revitalized through this new path. All projects started to flow authentically as soon as that happened. These songs capture our artistic and personal transformations.”

The band have received an enthusiastic response from old and new fans. After their first live performance this month, the excitement from both the fans and band was overwhelming and kept the band buzzing all night long.

Their newest release, “The More You Know”, poured out of Jane Leo at a particularly creative high point at the beginning of last year, just before the whole world changed. They told us: “It feels happy. Who knew we needed that?”

“The More You Know”

This emotive indie-rock ballad carries a mysterious and enticingly dreamy atmosphere. Jane’s expressive and seductive performance hypnotises listeners, while Daniel’s impressive guitar riffs electrify our senses.

The powerful musical composition evokes potent emotions within the listener. The contrast between the dynamic instrumental delivery and the hushed vocal performance cleverly complements the contrasting lyrical story.

An intriguing music video accompanies “The More You Know”, which incorporates engaging visual effects, sword fights and of course, Jane Leos signature finale, Daniel’s violent demise.

Watch the music video here:

“The More You Know” is an addictively fresh track with an unforgettably unique sound. Make sure to add “The More You Know” to your indie-rock music playlist. If you enjoy music from artists such as Lana Del Ray and Arctic Monkeys, then you will love Jane Leo.

What’s next for Jane Leo?

This talented band have many more musical treats in their vault. Make sure to follow them to keep up with their new releases and possible tour dates soon.

In the meantime, Jane Leo wants to say: “Thanks for being along for the ride.”

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Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind) – Debut Single by Jane Leo / A Harrowing Tale of Lust & Loss

Meet Jane Leo:

Indie-rock band Jane Leo have just released their debut single, “Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind)”. A seriously impressive song and music video by the duo, Daniel Leopold and Jane Ellen Bryant.

Growing up in the Detroit area, Daniel immersed himself in music as a way to survive the harsh winters. Over the years, the duo’s musical journey has been influenced by transformative artists whose music connects to a timeless era, such as; Iggy Pop, Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley, to name a few.

The inspiration for “Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind)” came to Daniel after an extensive tour with his band, Leopold and His Fiction. Jane told us: “It’s a torturous story of lust and vulnerability.”

Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind):

“Tell Me (I’m On Your Mind)” opens with an intense and captivating soundscape and we are instantly engaged and enthralled. The composition has a thick texture, incorporating multiple instrumentals. Deep sounds emanate from the drums and keyboard, utilising the lower register which creates a hypnotic atmosphere.

Daniel and Jane deliver an impressive and mesmerising performance both vocally and theatrically. Their expressive tones and exceptional vocal ability completely captivate us. The phrase “tell me I’m on your mind” is repeated multiple times, with differing inflexions, emotions and tempo in the delivery. This effect imprints an unforgettable experience on the listener.

The music video is a beautifully shot piece of artwork that has a vintage Bonny and Clyde feel and look to it. The first half of the video is shot in black and white until the chorus delivers an explosive instrumental outburst as well as an explosion of colour on the screen. An extravagant fight ensues with slow-motion punches followed by passionate kissing. This display clearly reflects the intensity and insanity that can arise within a relationship when the passion for anger is just as intense as the passion for lust.

TELL ME (I’m On Your Mind) is the first track that Daniel and Jane collaborated and sang on together and we are already fans of this talented indie-rock duo. If you enjoy music from artists such as Lana Del Ray and Arctic Monkeys then Jane Leo will fit perfectly on your indie-rock playlist.

Watch the music video here…

This song is just the beginning for Jane Leo and we are excited to see more releases from them soon. They told us: “We’ve got so many songs in the vault, it’s time to finally let go of our grip and share”. In the meantime, Jane Leo has a message for all their listeners: “stay curious”.

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Waking Bear’s debut album Trust Fall / A journey into infinite gratitude

Waking Bear’s debut album Trust Fall / A journey into infinite gratitude

Meet Waking Bear:

Olympia based, indie-rock band, Waking Bear released their first album Trust Fall on 21st January this year. The album is a collection of the singles they have released between Dec 2019 and Dec 2020.

The main theme running through the core of this album is trust. A trust fall. The ability to let go and fall into the unknown with complete trust in the universe and the divine.

This theme is not only a theme in their music but throughout the entirety of their lives. From a change of career, relationships, pursuing one’s dream, living space and inner work.

Ivy and Noah:

Noah has always had a great passion for music, but in his youth, he did not have the confidence or courage to pursue music as his career. However, five years ago when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, Noah took a step back to revaluate his life.

That’s when he decided to sell his company and commit himself to his music career.

In 2018 a serendipitous meeting brought Ivy Jordanne into his life and a wonderful adventure of romance, love, music and self-development ensued.

Ivy comes from an extremely musical family, her mother played piano and violin and her father was always singing. Her mother taught her to play the piano and she inherited her parent’s love and passion for music.

In Ivy’s coming of age years, she was inspired by the rocker women of the 80s’ and 90s’, such as Blondie, Cyndi Lauper and Pat Benatar. These powerful, wild, free women served as an incredible source of encouragement for Ivy. This is when she realised she had the ability and talent to write her own songs.

Noah had a similar experience during his tumultuous teenage years. Writing poetry and lyrics was an outlet for his emotions, and in his 20s’ he began writing songs for the bands he was playing in. These songs were always intensely fueled by his emotions and feelings.

Waking Bear was formed in 2018 by Noah and Ivy with the intention of transmitting uplifting music to open hearts. To cultivate music that transmits the higher frequencies of love and gratitude.

Trust Fall

Their first album Trust Fall takes us on a musical journey of their experiences and stories. Each song communicates a deep message of trust, love and gratitude.

The overall feeling that Waking Bear transmits is one of pure joy and gratefulness. Their music lifts listeners to a higher frequency with a heartwarming feeling of infinite bliss.

The album opens with “Kisses on Tears”, a sentimental love song about seeking love and the wonder of allowing deep love into our hearts.

As the album progresses we are taken on a sonic and lyrical exploration of inner work, ceremony, appreciation, and rebirth. We are guided by Noah’s raspy rock star vocals, sick guitar riffs, epic drumming and Ivy’s open heart and angelic voice.

The album closes out with the upbeat, funky 80s’ style song “New York Mermaid”. A dreamy fairy tale track that paints a vivid picture in our mind’s eye.

The band’s uplifting music and performance is a delight to listen to. Their compositions are unique, authentic and raw. Waking Bear is sure to charm any listener and if you enjoy music from artists such as Trevor Hall and Michael Franti & Spearhead then Waking Bear will fit perfectly on your Indie playlist.

Listen to Trust Fall here:

What’s next:

Waking Bear is currently preparing to launch a keynote performance. A performance journey where they share deeply personal stories and songs about their struggles.

In the meantime, the band would like to impart a small piece of knowledge to their listeners: “we want to share with people how misfortune leads to fortune, how grief can lead to gratitude, and how all the antagonists in our life are protagonists in waiting. If we do our inner work and if we grieve, we can find ourselves grateful for our journey. Grateful for this life, no matter what we’ve been through. Trust that any difficult struggle could be the birth of something wonderful”.

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Shout-Out for “Livin’ the Given” by Waking Bear

Waking Bear is the Indie-Rock band sensation from Olympia, Washington, producing inspirational and uplifting music which elevates listeners to the higher frequencies of love and gratitude.

Their newest release, “Livin’ the Given”, is a touching song inspired by Noah Bears Mom, and is a reflection on a Mothers love for their child and a reminder to embrace all the wonderful gifts we have been given in this life.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Trevor Hall and Michael Franti & Spearhead, then Waking Bear will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Von Louis captivates listeners with epic riffs and mesmerising vocals in their debut release “21 Again”

Von Louis is an indie-rock band formed by members, Evan Lecker and Kyle Vonderau in 2019. Lecker and Vonderau are two accomplished musicians who have been long-time friends and performed various times together at shared concert bills.

Von Louis was formed after Vonderau invited Lecker to compose lyrics and vocals for a song he was developing. After this first meeting, creative sparks flew and they knew they needed to create music together.

“21 Again” is their stunning debut single, which is a dreamy pop song with an intense hit of indie-rock energy, a captivating introduction to this duo’s noticeable and unique style.

This song has all the best ingredients of an epic indie-rock song; legendary guitar riffs, accentuated drumming, captivating melody, and superior rock star vocals with a dash of reverb for good measure, all contributing to an excellent track.

The song opens with an expressive and emotive soundscape of mid-tempo drums and electric guitar, creating a mesmerising atmosphere, slightly reminiscent of 90s’ rock-pop, with the noticeable modern-day style of Von Louis, that is uniquely their own.

Lecker bewitches listeners with his rocky, raspy vocals, delivering eloquently poetic lyrics such as; “and anyone who told ya, if you wish hard enough, it will all pass by, like a summer storm, right before your eyes”.

Listeners will be captivated and charmed by this duo’s emotive lyrics, passionate vocals and impeccable performance, and the beautifully memorable melody will stay with you for hours after, tempting you to return for more.

Von Louis (Evan Lecker and Kyle Vonderau)

Vonderau and Lecker are self-taught musicians who grew up in the Houston, Texas area. Both artists uncovered their passion and natural gift for music and songwriting through guitar playing in their earlier years, and later on expanded their knowledge and skills to singing and producing.

Both artists enjoyed stints playing with numerous bands in high school and college. They continued working separately on various projects, until the formation of Von Louis.

For the past year, this talented duo have been creating music remotely, using voice memo’s, looped arrangements and ProTools to develop their sessions.

In late 2019, Von Louis gathered a group of their favourite musicians for a recording session of their newly composed material. Slowly they are beginning to release this music to the public.

This band’s inspiration arises from a good cigar and vintage gear, as much as it does classic rock albums. Absorbing influences from a wide spectrum from Avant-garde to classic pop, their broad musical knowledge and experience are heard in their intricate compositions, and they can easily be named as the most significant band of 2020.

If you enjoy music from artists such as The War on Drugs and Spoon, then Von Louis will fit perfectly on your playlist. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases here:

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Shout-Out for “The Honorable Waking Bear” by Waking Bear

Waking Bear is an Indie-Rock band from Olympia, Washington. The band was founded by Noah Bears (lead vocals, guitar) in 2018 after fate brought him and Ivy Jordanne (Keyboard, vocals) together and they discovered they had a shared passion for creating an entire musical experience, which would activate the higher vibrations of love and healing.

Their music is joyful and filled with gratitude for all the gifts this life offers. If you enjoy music from artists such as Trevor Hall and Michael Franti & Spearhead, then Waking Bear will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Tune into a higher frequency with Waking Bear and their new release; “The Honorable Waking Bear”.

Waking Bear has just released their newest single, “The Honorable Waking Bear”. This song conveys a beautiful message, a reminder for us all to suck the sweet nectar of life, and enjoy all the bountiful gifts bestowed on us.

I adore the opening to this song, which starts with a guitar strumming a cheery tune and a high-pitched keyboard playing a catchy riff, which stays with me for hours after I’ve heard it and makes me want to skip in joyful celebration!

Waking Bear was founded in 2018, by Noah Bears (Lead vocals and Guitar), when he crossed paths with Ivy Jordanne (Voclas and keyboard). This was a fateful meeting of two souls which were mean’t to join in love and music.

They discovered that they had a mutual desire to create a band that could deliver an uplifting and ceremonial musical experience, communicating healing love, and gratitude to those willing to listen.

And they have certainly done just that. Each time I listen to a Waking Bear song I am filled with joy.

The “Honorable Waking Bear” tells the tale of a bear, who woke early one spring and joyously frolics in the abundances surrounding him, deciding never to hibernate again.

Noah’s performance adds an alluring charm to the song, with his raspy rocky vocals, which perfectly enhance their exhilirating indie-rock music.

The lyrics are extremely creative and paint a vivid picture in the mind’s eye of the Waking Bear wandering the forest, enjoying all that it has to offer.

I especially enjoy this descriptive verse; “he can feed on salmon, feed on berries, he can run the fields free. He can make some babies, with the ladies, he can nap away the day”.

This song was written by Noah while his Mom was dying of cancer. Noah has expertly taken this grief and transformed it into a message of hope and beauty.

And hopefully, more of us can “wake-up” and feel gratitude for the incredible gifts this life has to offer. As Waking Bear tells us at the end of the song “may we all tune our hearts to this frequency”.

If you enjoy music from artists such as Trevor Hall and Michael Franti & Spearhead, then Waking Bear will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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