Paul Myers

SHOUT-OUT for “Come Together” by Paul Myers.

Paul Myers is a singer and musician who records and performs songs by Paul McCartney and The Beatles. He has an incredible gift for staying true to the classic version while enhancing more modern day musical flares and creating a fresh sound that is very much his own. If you enjoy The Beatles and Paul McCartney, then Paul Myers will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Paul Myers brings new life to “Live and Let Die”

Myers has brought new life to this traditional hit song, “Live and Let Die”, and I adore his refreshed version, which draws on the more rugged parts of the song.

Myers uses his epic, powerful guitar riffs, and raspy vocals to enhance the rocky side of this song. Notice the gentle reggae vibe on the second verse, which is extremely unusual, but praises the energy of this song beautifully.

Myers performs with such powerful emotion and intensity that it’s impossible not to appreciate his talent. If you’re a lover of The Beatles and Paul McCartney you will adore Paul Myers, I certainly do!

“Live and Let Die” was first recorded in October 1972, by Wings, a British-American rock band. Re-recorded by Paul Myers in June 2015. Myers has a unique knack for reproducing music from The Beatles and Paul McCartney and making them his own, while staying true to the initial ideology of the song.