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SHOUT-OUT for “Pitch Dark” by Abigail Fierce.

“Pitch Dark” by Abigail Fierce is a dreamy, hopeful love song which paints a magical picture in my head of two strangers falling in love in a thunderstorm. Abigail Fierce is a talented singer, songwriter and actress who enjoys making songs alone at 4am, and plays all the instruments on her tracks. If you enjoy music from artists such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, then Abigail Fierce will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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Why Did Taylor Swift’s New Album Drop Without Fanfare?

Just when we all thought that nothing could ever surprise us anymore but this young and famous superstar, artist, singer-songwriter once again proved as us all wrong and that she can do the impossible! This time, Taylor swift announces her new release brand new album called folklore. However, while this thing is an unprecedented move for the superstar, there is some amount of questions that all the fans still have.

Taylor Swift releases a drop of her album without fanfare and surprises her all fans. Her brand-new album move to more muted songwriting is proof that this young superstar’s music can thrive without any of the celebrity drama. Her sixteen (16) song albums were announced with just a little fanfare a day before its final release. As Taylor Swift stated, “Most of the things I had planned this summer did not happen, but there is something I hadn’t planned on that DID happen”.

Releasing her surprising 8th album is a move that is both so Swift and unlikely Swift at the same time. Taylor Swift usually takes her time when milking the build-up in regards to her albums by sharing it mysteriously coded in social media platforms through a post, dropping some spills in an interview, and releasing a radio-friendly pop single with a lot of build-up fanfare. But at the same time, Swift is not a person who would just sit around and just twiddle her thumbs during this time of the pandemic, so it surely makes sense that she is been very busy making something great and stunning for all of her fans and people across the globe.

Her 8th album means that some being traditional customs that preserved among the community – legends, songs, stories, sayings, and some popular beliefs and some also believe that her new album folklore has been well known without any supporting evidence. Her 8th album stories can be based on truth or be wild stretches of the truth and the accuracy of the stories is not the main point and it is about any commonly known narrative that has contributed to the shape of a culture and it is a core belief system of a person.

Furthermore, in Swift’s context ad choice, she wants to make a little more sense in this time of pandemic and that starts with her 8th album – folklore. As we are living today in an unprecedented time and as we contend with the global pandemic called Covid-19, but also in socially and politically context.