Tai Verdes’ Unusual Path To A Hit Record: TikTok

Tai Verdes, like most singers and songwriters out there, have also struggled in the industry. He has gotten rejected multiple times in different singing contests on television. He has been releasing a couple of songs but getting no attention at all. After his fair share of troubles and failures, he had finally discovered a very unusual way to drive his song to the top charts.

Hit records take a lot of time and effort to produce and is most of the time driven by a lot of exposure. It takes practice to produce a good song, and it takes a lot of storytelling to get it exposed. That is exactly what happened with Tai Verdes. An artist who made a good song and exposed it to the world through a social platform that music artists rarely use to do so.   

Tai Verdes practiced his vocals a lot by just sitting alone in his car every day for more than an hour. In the same car, he used TikTok to give people a short little preview of his song “Stuck in the Middle” and his views blew, the short preview is interesting enough to a lot of people and the song was released. Most artists are afraid to expose their songs this way for they are afraid the said social media platform would “taint” their reputation and the reputation of their music, but Tai thinks otherwise.

All social media platforms are powerful, for it is a way to reach a significant number of audiences in a short amount of time, and he proved just that. Tai Verdes knew using his social media account to produce little snippets of story telling time about his new song “Stuck in the Middle” would be an effective way to get people to listen to song some more, and he is right.

Another detail important to note about “Stuck in the Middle” is that the song met its success is not because there is a viral crazy dance craze that used the song as the soundtrack, which is commonly the case for most songs you can hear in TikTok that went viral. Tai Verdes is unique in his methods and the song went hit because people like it when they hear it, which makes them come back for more. If you have not heard the song “Stuck in the Middle” by Tai Verdes yet, then you are missing out. You might want to give it a shot and find your new favorite song.